The Counter Balance Revolution |Elections 2020

Hard not to write about what’s going on in this country

While my blog is to uplift & encourage people into knowing God, there are times, scratch that, extremely crucial times that we as citizens of this temporary home need to wake the sheep up. This season and time is one of those. 

Our precious country stands at a crossroads. If America goes, there will be a ripple effect throughout the world. Before anyone says that what I am writing is incredibly arrogant, I am not one of those people that believe that my country is above the rest of the world. This country was once great, it was a lighthouse to the world. Yes, there was no racial equality, but racial equality is no longer an issue here. The sheer amount of protests and money being spent on organizations that say this country is racist, should tell you how much this country has germinated into a blended culture of White, Black, Hispanic, Asian and Native American peoples. 

Running around in my neighborhood, there are black and white couples. Hispanic and White couples, Asian and Hispanic couples. The children of this neighborhood all grow up without a racial mental state. It is the News Media, or should I say, the now extinct news media outlets that should be called the Vlogging outlets. 

Truth be told, a better name should be the Sensationalist Socialist Media. 

Hate, Hate, hate, is all I see on all the social media outlets. These are the same millionaires and billionaires that have made their money causing everyone to hate and fight one another! The worst part is that they want to keep sensationalizing things so that they can continue to make more money from the chaos and violence. Same holds true for professors in universities. They used to be called radical but now, these types professors are the norm.

People in most news organizations no longer give the story, they make or create the story. There is a difference. If you can’t tell the difference, then you’re part of the problem & not the solution.

Oscar Roca

First things first, coming back to the story, the #NovemberElections are fast upon us. There is a Potentially dangerous demographic of people that is hell bent on killing the culture of this nation. I say hell bent because the idea of chaos, leads to anarchy, and anarchy creates a socialist class. This socialist class becomes the dictating class, and the rest of the people become the peasants who physically work as slaves to the communist regime of the socialist ruling class. The vicious cycle keeps going until another chaotic revolution breaks the cycle. 

In America, Professors at colleges and universities are teaching, or rather indoctrinating our kids into a dream world of Utopian Communism that will never be.

Guarenteeing a tenure to these so called teachers of higher learning gives them free range to foolishly brainwash students. Whatever they say, students take as divine doctrine. Their tenures are safe haven to preach an unAmerican and unGodly way of life. 

Here is my solution, instead of having such radical heathen, hedonistic professors ruling the colleges of this nation, bring in professors that will also teach about free enterprise, free market, freedom to worship and freedom to teach the real history of this country, the good, the bad, and the ugly that made this country a great nation. Then bring in people who will teach the powerful and God given rights of our country’s Constitution. What the Founding Fathers did to break away from Tyranny of the British Crown.

Trying to rationalize some of what these whacked-out-hack-job-professors-professing- professional opinions instead of knowledge, they spew out of what they think life is all about. It’s time to bring in a counterbalance of #RealProfessors who will teach the facts and not propaganda from the Kremlin or the Great Hall of the People’s Republic of China. 

Instead, bring in teachers who will teach and have real life knowledge of what they are talking about.

Non-socialistic leaning speakers are needed! Bring in #Vets as special speakers who will put a halt to the insane ideas of professors who have never seen war.

Get the #bestbusinesspeople in America to volunteer a few hours a month to go and speak to the students about real life applications.

We need a counter balance in schools

Bringing in the best of the best & brightest this country has to offer to speak, will bring perspective about real life experiences. This will counter balance & end the #socialistcommunistprofessors free reign at our schools of higher learning.

Oscar Roca

Follow up with each Professor no matter their background. Make sure they are not enemies of the state. So much infiltration has made a generation of kids so anti-governement. I am a skeptic on everything.

One thing I know, is not to trust everything our governement says or does. But their is a difference from mistrust to full on hate. Mistrust must always be in the blood of Americans.

Rebelliousness from tyranny must always be taught. To fight an authoritarian system of government is what America is all about. Our country was founded on #individualrights given by God and not people. This supernatural right to work hard, get paid what you are worth, build a place for you and your family, and live as peacful as possible, is what the original founders meant by–Holding these truths to be self evident, that all men are equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.

Time to bring the counter balance culture back to the middle & not so far left, that even the Liberals are shaking their heads and praying to God for the first time in ages, not to lose this country!

Oscar Roca

Go out and learn about the candidates without the social media influence. Learn the facts:

2020 Primary Election Recommendations


List of POTUS’ accomplishments:


Percentage of Democrats attending POTUS’ rally

Black & Hispanic American unemployment

Religious Freedom Worldwide

On First Ammendment

Register to vote for November here:

How to Register to Vote

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