The Feast That “No One Knows The Day or The Hour” Part 2 |Yom Teruah 2020


In my last post I spoke about the alluding of a mysterious festival that the Lord commands for the people of Israel during the time of Moses.

This mysterious Feast which starts on the First day of the Seventh month. 



Contrary to what people say, the seventh month is not the New Year for the Israelites. This was changed in Babylon, which begs the question—

Why would the Israelites allow the influence of a pagan culture to infiltrate, or seep into what God had called Moses & the Israelites to maintain as permanent ordinances which were holy & commanded by YHWH (Leviticus 23)?



Secondly, why would any of the Israelites even think of changing the LORD’s Holy Convocations or Feasts, when they were in Babylon for not listening to the LORD on keeping the land Sabbaths ( Leviticus 26:34; 2 Chronicles 36:21 ) in the first place? 

Again, I want you to ask yourself why on earth, the Israelite captives in Babylon, would change & be influenced by a heathen culture in the middle of their (the Israelites) punishment for not listening to God in the first place?!



Which brings me back to the wonderful and mysterious Feast that God commanded Moses to write down as a permanent statute to keep. Also keep in mind, and I would like to apologize to any of my Jewish friends who are reading this—these Holy Feasts were not just for Israel. These Feasts are from The LORD Himself.

They were set for all of mankind to read & meditate on. As Christians, we see what these Holy Convocations were in fact, for. I will get to this in a moment.

—Oscar Roca

As this Holy Day approached, two priests who were picked to go up into the mountain tops and patiently wait for the first hints of the sliver of the seventh new moon. Once they both were in agreement, and this was an absolutely serious and trustworthy position to be selected; the two new moon witnesses would hurry down to go announce the joyful news. Then they would have a rigorous but enticing time with the High Priest and the rest of the Sanhedrin, who would wine and dine them ( Kosher wine ). 

After the High Court would decide that the 7th full moon was on its way, the blowing of the Trumpets would begin. Since this festival was known back in Moses’ day as the Feast or Holy Day or Moedim that, “no one knew the day or the hour of its coming,” the sound of the Shofars would let the people know that the Feast of Trumpet noise or Yom Teruah was here. 

Again, this is the only Feast where God does not explain its meaning.

Leviticus 23:24


God tells Moses, that the Israelites are to:

—Do no work

—Congregate together

—Blow the Shofar

—Make sacrificial offerings to Him (YHWH) ( Leviticus 23:24 ; Numbers 29:1–6 )


That’s it. Nothing more, nothing less. Rosh Hashanah was added after the Babylonian captivity and was about a thousand years  or so after Moses penned the command from God to celebrate Yom Teruah. 

Matthew 24:36


So why this short and simple Feast of YHWH? And do we get a hint of the Rapture of the Church from this?


Why does Jesus add this peculiar statement, that no one knows the day or hour of what we now know would be Jesus’ second coming? Or was He alluding to something else?

Matthew 24:31


Jesus came to fulfill all the Spring Feasts, in exact order…


He fulfilled being the Passover Lamb by dying on the cross for mankind. He fulfilled the Feast of Unleavened Bread by living a sinless life, and giving a new command where He institutes the Last Supper ( Psalm 22:1–31 ; Matthew 26:20–30 ; Mark 14:17–26Luke 22:14–231 Corinthians 11:17–34 ).

Jesus fulfills the Feast of First Fruits with His resurrection ( Matthew 28:1–10 Mark 16:1–8 ; Luke 24:1–12John 20:1–9 ).  

Then Jesus tells His disciples to wait for the Holy Spirit. The disciples wait in Jerusalem, and the Spirit of the Living God falls on them, engulfs them, spills over, and through all of Jerusalem, where three thousand people plus, accept and commit to Jesus the Messiah or Savior of the world ( Acts 1:1–3 ; Acts 2 ).


If Jesus came and fulfilled all the Spring Feasts to exact order & perfection—why would He not come back in the exact order & perfection of the Great Fall Feasts—culminationg His 2nd Advent?


There are 3 Fall Feasts of which Yom Teruah or the Day of Trumpets is the First Holy gathering. Jesus alludes to this day and I will conclude this incredible future Feast, which will come when— no one knows the day or the hour….next post.

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3 thoughts on “The Feast That “No One Knows The Day or The Hour” Part 2 |Yom Teruah 2020

  1. Good morning Brother Roca.

    Thank you for always sharing your wisdom with us. How are you and Mary doing? Are you guys open to meeting up for dinner soon? It’s been way too long!

    Please pray for us… we’re seeking the Lord about gathering all my devotional texts and seeking Him for direction as to how we could possibly create devotional book — He knows.

    In His Service,

    Ham and Liz

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    > oscarlikes2write posted: ” THE 7TH MONTH: In my last post I spoke about > the alluding of a mysterious festival that the Lord commands for the people > of Israel during the time of Moses. This mysterious Feast which starts on > the First day of the Seventh month. —OSCAR ROCA ” >

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