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Oscar Roca

This past Sunday, The Feast of Atonement was observed by Jewish folks world wide. This is considered the holiest Feast of all the Seven Feasts or Holy Convocations of The LORD. 

Day of Atonement Leviticus 16 & Leviticus 23:26-32

Last Sunday’s Study on Atonement. Thanks for asking and also for the wonderful idea, you guys know who you are! I have included the information on the ancient Hebrew books too. The study was not saved. At least 1/2 the study was not recorded because I ran out of memory. I have deleted all my studies and will now be recorded and saved to a bigger storage cloud service. I guess The LORD wants people in fellowship and not getting the recordings after.

Now the main reason for this blog post:

Atonement is a time of personal reflection. Remember, we don’t observe the Feasts, we preserve the Feasts, there’s a big difference…John 5:39

Oscar Roca

Atonement is a time to reflect on our life. What we have done, what we aspire to do, and hopefully what our commitment to God is. This last personal reflection is the most important thing we have in life.

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Now here is the why Christians need to understand that we have to know the Feasts of the Lord in Leviticus chapter 23:

Oscar Roca

When Jesus says that all the scriptures speak about Him, that is an exact or accurate statement. You see, The scriptures do point to Yeshua the Messiah of the world. 

He did not just love Israel, He loved the world so much that He, Jesus, came down from His throne room, debased Himself by becoming a mere human. Worse than this, Jesus had to endure being completely dependant on humans for His life, here on earth.

How much horrible could it get for the Creator of everything in the universe and beyond, that He would have to be fed, bathed, clothed, & taken care of by mortals?

Oscar Roca

When YHWH told Moses to observe all these Feasts, the Israelites were to stop everything they were doing and just concentrate on what God wanted in their lives and for their lives.

The reason God tells the Israelites to rest and observe or practice these Holy Convocations, is to make sure that people reflect wholeheartedly on what the Holy day means.

Fast forward to modern day society. If the Israelites had problems in the wilderness, busy, trying to survive and observe, today, people are extremely busy doing not much, but getting addicted to coffee, tech toys and social media. 

Atonement is highly important for the above reasons. 

Now here is where Christians are thinking of Atonement:

First, we are to remember that these Feasts are all prophetic events that have been and will be fulfilled in exact order. 

Two, that we are not to observe to practice what The LORD commanded to Moses, but as Christians we have the advantage of knowing the First Four Feasts in hindsight & the last Three Feasts in Forsight.

Oscar Roca

You See, as I have been saying for years, Jesus came to fulfill he Spring easts in exact order. Jesus will now in His second Advent or Second Coming, fulfil the last Three Feasts in exact order. 

Atonement is the middle of these Holy Feasts or Convocations. It is, in hindsight, a day to come before the Cross of Christ. Where it is just you and Jesus. Like the High priest on the Day of Atonement, no one else can go in with him. The High priest would have to bathe himself thoroughly. Change his clothing, put on special clothing and then sacrifice a bull for him and his family. Then, before even attempting to go in, sacrifice a male goat or sheep as a gift to The LORD. 

The special garment reminds me of the story of the Great Banquet in Matthew 22:. You see, the garments aren’t made with human hands. These garments are given to us the moment we are one with the cross. The moment when we gaze into the gruesomeness, of the act of compassion that Jesus had for His sinful children.

The minute that we see what Jesus did on the cross for us, is the moment that we fully understand the consequences of our sin nature & what we have to do to be cleansed once & for all of those horrible burdens. Jesus was the Ox sacrifice who covered the High Priest & his family’s sins away for another year…

Oscar Roca

Jesus was also the Goat sacrifice on that Holiest of Feasts. Like  the Passover sacrifice, Jesus fulfilled this Feast by atoning, or appeasing, or satisfying our sins on the cross forever.

He substituted Himself for us, so that the Father’s pureness and righteousness would not kill us for coming close to Holiness while being impure. 

Atonement, the day that you have to come in to the Holy of Holies, by yourself & with a humble heart.

Oscar Roca

It is a day where we reflect on what God has done for us. It is a day where we need to ask for forgiveness before we approach the Cross of Christ. Why? Because Christ the Lamb of God who took the sins of the world by hanging on a cross to fulfill and appease our sins, is no longer that humble servant.

Yes, His humility is there still, yes, His peaceful demeanor is also there.

Yes, the Lamb of God is still there also. But Now, He has gone back to be the King of Kings, the First and Last, the Alpha and mega, The Powerful Aleph-Tav combination. The Almighty on the Cross.

OScar Roca

Except, The cross is past, and the Allmighty remains. This Powerful, Mighty King of kings, and LORD of lords, is coming back. He will reach down and call those who know Him home, with a loud thunderous roar, a mighty angelic sound, that is going to sound like thunder, and lightning and roaring seas, and a thunderous Lion’s roar, all coming out of a Shofar.He will no longer be that Humble Son of Joseph. Where every in who wants to can beat or scourge Him. He is now Yeshua Ben David. The Almighty King with His judging Scepter who will come down on a white horse and take care of business with His ungrateful and spoiled children who have made a mockery of taking care of this earth and each other.

That is Atonement in a nut shell:

One, it is a day of forgiveness.

Two, it is a day of repentance.

Three, it is a day we look forward to in Hindsight, knowing that Jesus or Yeshua, the Messiah or Savior of this world, will be returning as a Triumphal King and LORD of all. 

Are you ready for this? If not, get ready, because the love, grace , and mercy of Jesus will one day soon…no longer be. Then, it will be too late for anyone to ask for forgiveness…don’t be that person who waited too long. Put on the spiritual garments of High priests. Be humble and ready now. 


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