Leaving the Democratic Party Media News |Stop Screaming & go Enjoy Life!

The Problem

There is a problem in this country whose stench is getting extremely putrid. It smells so bad that it’s oozing out of every one’s smart devices, and TV’s.

It has become the DPN or Democratic Party News

This problem has been growing since the Internet became. But these last few years, it has gotten to the point where something has to happen.

Either the government takes care of this problem, or the people will. 


To the point where we get to 2020. This year has been such a trying year, our country, and the world, have gone through some major economic crisis. People have lost their jobs, their homes, some their lives. All we hear on Social Media outlets and News Media outlets who are supposed to be impartial, is how racist and divided this country is.

The Onslaught

Here in America the onslaught of negative news has just inundated our brains to the point of breaking. The American News and Media outlets have become a sounding board for just one Political Party. So much so,that it reminds me of 1930s Germany, 1950s China, and Cuba, and 1980s Central America, where the media, whether it was newspapers or television were barraging people, full of fascist indoctrination.

Unrelenting Onslaught of Anti-America Misinformation

The constant onslaught of these news media and social outlets has been like a Chinese water torture for the American people, and the world. So much so that the elections are just a byproduct of what they were trying to achieve with the socialist objective of getting rid of the American system.

Enough already!

I love Facebook, really like Twitter, use YouTube for all the different kinds of learning and information. But now I find myself at an information highway crossroads. The blatant one-sided censorship of free thinking peoples is at stake. The haughty and lying spirits of those CEO’s when being questioned by Congress members was the ultimate slap on all people. I have had it with ‘the in your face’ way that these people see the American public. Specially to the way they are beginning to block Christians who protest about the most crucial of RightsThe right of freedom of religion and free speech. Without it, tyrannical systems become all powerful.

I for one am not going to be on either one of those social…scratch that, socialist networks. I will continue to send my blogposts to them, so I can mainly continue to share the Gospel. But also to continue the good fight of keeping people informed when tyranny lurks. And boy, is tyranny lurking! to the point that if we don’t do something soon, tyranny will engulf the world.

Enough already with the gloom & doom! People are tired of the rhetoric and misinformation! Fakebook & Instascam…Twit Fascists…Communist Controlled Network…Misinformation Socialist Nationalist Broadcasting Company….All Biden Channel…New York…LA…Gloom Times…Washed Party Approved Post….All should be called The Democratic Party News Outlets!

—Os Roca
Enough is enough

The Simple solution:

The one thing that my mom and dad loved about this country, was a freedom to speak on whatever was on anyone’s mind. The right to freedom of speech, freedom of political affiliation, freedom of religion, not freedom from religion, was what so attractive to all immigrants leaving their authoritarian homelands.  It’s time that we all reign in the despot-authoritarian-social media networks who are trying to constrict and command all these freedoms by banning or censoring those who oppose their dystopian authoritarian beliefs.

Wait a minute Oscar, if it’s so easy why don’t you do it!?

Glad you asked! As of today, I will leave Facebook and be on my way to #Parler. No one is paying me, no one is forcing me. I want to enjoy speaking my mind and defending this country without being called a racist-misogynist-Christian-gun toting-bigot, Because I believe in the Constitution and this country. Yes, this country is not perfect, yes this country needs to come together. But neither Government or CEO’s of tech companies who have no clue about real life, can dictate and force anyone to do what they want.

Stop Screaming & Go enjoy life!

Again, I will not cancel any social networks but, I will not be going to them at all. The links from my blogposts are linked automatically to them. I will however, be on #Parler as much as I am able to, which means I am not a slave to my smartphone or devices. I will continue to live my life in real time and in a real intentional way….

P.S. If Parler ever becomes like Facebook and Twitter, I will find another Social Network to fight the good fight and share the gospel without censured bias….

You can reach me at Parler:


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