I’m Either All Ears or All Headset! |Discipleship Series 2020 1

I’m All Ears when it comes to:

One of the most satisfying and delightful things that make my heart rejoice is when someone quotes from the Bible, whether a verse or a context of a chapter they’ve been reading. Nothing in the world makes me leap for joy when the person telling me what they learned or took from that devotional time. It may even be someone new to the faith. I don’t care if they get some of the words wrong or leave off the exact scripture written in their Bible. As long as they get the context of what they were reading right, I find it incredibly gratifying. When someone quotes me a bible verse that they did in their own private devotional time, straight from the Word, I am all ears! I will listen to them as long as they want to tell me what they got and how they grew with what the LORD showed them.

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When someone gives me what they’ve learned from scripture, I’m all ears!

—Oscar Roca

You see, this shows me that the person is taking their time to read through the Bible. It also says that they value God and His Word and accept what’s in it so seriously that it is being written in the person’s heart. If the person keeps doing this, the words will resonate through eternity, and that is something that we should all rejoice in. Especially with so much darkness going on in this world. Another person finding the Word of God which reforms, transforms, and regenerates their hearts and minds, is what this world needs in 2020!

I’m all headsets when it comes to:

Don’t know original source to credit

Now, the opposite side of this. There is nothing wrong with this other side. The Word does say that faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God (Romans 10:17). So there is nothing wrong with what I am about to say….

When I hear people quoting pastor so and so, and book so and so, my first reaction is to listen to what they have to say intently. That is also a helpful way to learn scripture. Discipleship is being mentored and mentoring others on all aspects of the Bible, by living it. So I don’t have a problem with this. I have learned from some of the greats in the faith. 

Here is where I have an enormous problem with—When people are continually quoting this pastor or that pastor or this book or that book. It becomes regurgitated scripture. And let me tell you that the traditional church I grew up in would only quote from the Bishops of Rome. There was a minimal emphasis on the actual Word of God and more on citing Pope this and Pope that. 

The danger of quoting pastors is the same thing. When people start quoting pastor 101’s, or as we know them—pastorisms, instead of straight scripture, we become instruments of church brethren’s future calamities.


Anytime I hear someone quoting a person, they already know what my reaction is going to be; I will ask them, “But what did you get out of your personal devotional time in the WORD?!”

Call me whatever you want; I will close down on you if you start quoting pastors, including me. 


Why? Because every Word of God is pure (Proverbs 30:5), it is flawless. Men are impure and very flawed. I want to learn and hear from God, by prayer, and by His Word. When we add humans to the mix, we get wacky doctrines, schisms between brethren, breaking away from churches to form new ones, over very small and insignificant things. Even our founder of Protestantism had quirky dislikes about God’s people, which were passed along to all who followed him. To the point that about 400 years later, Hitler would use this hatred to do precisely what Martin Luther said in his 1543 “on the Jews and their Lies.”

If there is one of the most important things that I could say to you today, it would be this:

It’s okay to quote your favorite pastor or Missionary, or Bible Professor. But it’s not okay when that is principally what you do. You see, if that is all you continue to do and start getting lax on actual prayer and devotional time, little by little, you will start giving those around you a counterfeit gospel, with a copy of the Word of God. The more you quote others, the more commentaries will take over instead of God’s actual Word, which is pure and flawless.

Remember that God wants to give you a special revelation. No extra revelation or extra addition away from the Bible…but a special personal revelation just for you when you spend the time learning His Word. Through and by only His Word. Not what another of the brethren received from God, but yours, specifically for your growth and edification...

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