Not To Speak… Is To Speak Loud & Clear |Tech Tyranny 2021

Being a Christian does not mean we roll over for tyranny….no, not at all. Being a Christian is exposing the injustice. Being a Christian is showing the world that God’s nature is opposite of the world. How can the world commit to God when Christians follow along, & roll over, & with, what the world dictates?

Os Roca
Not speaking is the same as speaking loudlyYou can speed the video up & hear it faster!

Tyrants need to be stopped

Click on links below to see howSocial Media and News outlets have manipulated what people hear. The onslought has been non-stop since POTUS took office. Scratch that, since He said he was running for office.


Media manipulation

More media Manipulation

Social Media and News the Democratic Party News

News and Democrats Identical Talking Points

Putting Trump Supporters in Concentration camps

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