The Middle Child of the Holy Feasts |Shavuot / Pentecost 2021

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A little story:

Pentecost, the Middle Child of the FEASTS

I am the third of six kids. We had two more kids that lived with us for quite a time, and you get eight total kids with two adults in the house. In order for any of the kids to get heard, and more specifically the middle children, it seemed that we would have to do extraordinary things to get attention. My dad was busy at work, and when he came home, he didn’t want to hear it from any of the kids.  My mom loved having children, scratch that, loved being pregnant with children. This was when I saw her most joyous. Because of her rheumatoid arthritis, it was hard for her to keep up with three crazy boys. When I say crazy, I mean mentally exhausting, over and abundantly active, extremely capable of dying in a moments notice, every single day. I am not kidding, I have the broken bones that almost left me dead when I was about three or four, to prove it. My younger brother went through a glass window in an apartment complex, and by the grace of God, was able to hang on two wires that did not kill him on the way down.

All this to say, is that being in the middle meant that the older kids got the wrong kind of attention from our parents, while the younger kids got the necessary attention. That left the middle kids to fend for themselves. Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t have it any other way, because I became who I am because of this.

Now of the reason why I’m saying all this:

Feast of Weeks or Shavuot or Pentecost

Shavuot (Festival of Weeks) for the Hebrew calendar year if 5781, begins at sunset May 16, 2021. 50 days will have passed from Passover 2021. This Feast usually begins in late May-early June, but this year, it’s in the middle of May.  It is 1 of the 3 Feasts where Jews were required to make a pilgrimage to Jerusalem every year. 

This means that the Festival of weeks, or as most of the western world knows it, as Pentecost, will begin at sundown Sunday the 16th of May. This is the 4th of 7 Feasts or Holy Convocations of The LORD (Exodus 34:22; Leviticus 23, Num 28:16–25; Deu 16:9, 10). These Feasts were for all peoples on earth to recognize their existence, since they were ordered or commanded by God Himself. 

Now if I were to call this Feast any other thing, it would be the “Feast of Gifts”. Why would I say something like this?

Oscar Roca
  • —It is believed that Moses received the 10 Commandments, and delivered them to the Israelites on this day.
  • —Some 1500 years to 2000 years later, it is where Yahweh poured out His Spirit on the disciples of Christ while they waited and prayed together for the LORD’s guidance.

The Feast of Power:

These same disciples, who were cowering and hiding from the Sanhedrin and Roman authorities who had taken their Rabbi Jesus away from the Garden, then tortured Him, while making false accusations and finally killing Him at the place of the Skull (Golgotha). 

—These same men who all ran away when one of their own kissed their Master on the cheek as a sign of a death identification.

—These same men who had been with, were taught, and deeply loved Jesus. Yet, did not believe the women who came to tell them that their Master had risen like He said He would. 

—I can’t be too hard on these men, because I don’t know how long I would have lasted in front of the mighty Roman Soldiers, who were not known for being kind to non-Romans.

It was these same disciples who were praying and waiting like their LORD told them to, before He ascended. Their patience and loyalty would pay off. 

You see, at the very moment that the Jesus breathed His Spirit into His disciples(John 20:22), the promised Comforter He (Jesus) had told them about before going through His excruciating period before He went to the cross. The Spirit who indwelt them with power, not of cowardice(Ephesians 1:17) , but of His Power, His Grace, His Peace, and His Boldness! The SPIRIT of the Living Creator of this universe! The Spirit turned these quarreling, greedy for leadership, cowardly disciples with many flaws, into the most courageous evangelists who have ever existed, including Paul of Tarsus later on.

Pentecost & The LAW

The Wonderful gift:

The Spirit’s gift on Pentecost brought the LAW of the LORD, then waited a long period to give Himself to the little group of Disciples, whop would then give this incredibly mighty gift to the world.This fourth of seventh Feasts, has had a way of making a huge statement, while making itself known. Like those middle children, this Feast had to make a huge impact not once but twice!

The Gif of the Holy Spirit

Now imagine this, we are coming up on Pentecost. Will this year give us a middle child’s surprise?

I say this, because this Feast seems to give us whoppers!

The way the world is going, I would not be surprised if this Feast turns up to give us something incredible for those who believe in the in the God of the Bible.

During this Feast, God gave us The Law, He gave us His Spirit… what will He give us next?

Stay tuned…

Oscar Roca

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