MOTHER’S DAY 2021 |Mother’s Day 2021

1 Timothy 1:5 NET

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There is no doubt about it, mom’s are one of the most important things for a healthy society to thrive magnificently. I recently finished the Timothy Letters that Paul sent out to his favorite student. 

Paul in his second letter to his protégé, remembers Timothy’s faith. Paul tells him that He thought of him often during prayer. Paul said that he wanted to see Timothy. Then Paul proudly in the LORD makes the statement that Timothy was blessed to have been taught by his grandmother and mother. That Paul remembered their incredible faith…

Teach them about Jesus by Oscar Roca

The Influence of Moms, Grandma’s and Great-Grandmas

You see, I often tried to reconcile the fact that Paul tells Timothy to not allow for people to look down on him because of his age (1 Timothy 4:12). Timothy at the time of Paul’s second letter to him may have been around 30-40 years old. He may have started in ministry in his mid-twenties, which would have been a stumbling block to some of the older and more traditional of Jews. 

In ancient Israelite times, a man could not enter into the Tabernacle, & later on, into the Temple ministries until the age of 30.

Oscar Roca

Even before the Tabernacle and Exodus, God showed us that His will was to have men enter into service at 30. Joseph became the number two man in Egypt at 30 years of age (Genesis 41:37-57). God told Samuel to pick Saul to be king of Israel. Saul was 30 years old when He was picked by God to be King to HIs people (1 Samuel 13:1). Then after Saul stopped communicating with God, God chose a man after His own heart, and the shepherd King David, was picked by God to succeed Saul at age of 30 (2 Samuel 5:4), and reigned for 40 years. Ezekiel the prophet was called to prophecy on his 30th birthday (Ezekiel chapter 1). John the Baptizer started His ministry when he was also 30 years of age, since Elisabeth was pregnant with John. When the Baby Baptist heard Mary’s voice, the baby leaped (Luke 1:44). Jesus started His ministry at 30 (Luke 3:23).



The point is this—Timothy’s mom and grandmother were a huge part of his learning. Back then, there were schools for learning the Jewish Scriptures. But the major part of the Learning was done by the dads, moms, grandfathers and grandmothers of the world. The main learning came from the moms and grandmothers during the day as they all sat and worked on the next meals, while walking to and from the water wells, and during, and after dinner with the dads.

Timothy seemed to be poised at a young age because of the faithfulness of the mom and grandmother, who were believers, passing on their faith & morals to this young prodigy. 

Oscar Roca


  • The main point is this, without Timothy’s mom and grandmother, Timothy would not have been:
  • —Ready for Paul to take him on and show him the ropes in ministry. Timothy would have been too young as a Jewish adult for Paul to have taken him as his possible successor. But because of mom and grandma’s faithful teaching and instruction in scriptures, Timothy was ready for ministry.
  • —The other main point was that there were people in the Church who had prophesied over Timothy (1 Timothy 1:3-7, 18; 4:14). He was going to be used in the future to contend or defend the Christian faith from the Judaizers (Galatians 2:14; Iuodaizó—Strong’s g2450), and agnostics (Acts 17:23) that would appear in Timothy’s Ephesian church and throughout the rest of the known world. These false teachers would seep into the Christian houses and synagogues, preaching a different doctrinal faith that was not of Jesus, nor the original twelve disciples of Christ (Acts 2:42-43).


  • So my point is this, to all those moms and nana’s out there who give unselfishly. To the moms that work, and spend quality tireless hours making up for it with their kids or grandkids.
  • For those moms who have the fulltime children’s ministry at home, may this day and everyday remind you of the unselfish, unwavering, thankless, unrecognized sacrifice all of you do. 
  • Your family or husbands may not always say this…society may try to demean your love and ministry…but the most important Person in this universe is always watching, never resting to see that your place in heaven is already reserved with some extra tiaras.
  • HAPPY & BLESSED Mom’s day to all of you.

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