All Gave Some…Some Gave All MEMORIAL DAY 2021


Memorial Day 2021
Quotes about Brave Military Men & women in War

This weekend, everyone will be getting to together with family and friends. Most people would have already planned out what every family member and friend will bring to the joyous occasion. Family members will talk about everything under the sun. Kids will be running around, while their moms have an eye on the adult conversation, still multitasking, hoping that their kids won’t be getting into too much mischief, or break anything valuable around the house. The ancient call of our ancestors will be beckoning all the men to sit around the fire pit, while the host Dads are flipping the meat  being cooked in the barbecue. 

Some houses will have ‘Old Glory’ hanging outside of their homes, commemorating this important day. But in today’s politically correct culture, the meaning of this Weekend is vastly waning. Most people still observe the Day, but a generation of our own, has lost the meaning of this great and awesome Holy Day or Holiday.

Oscar Roca
  • We have Armed Force’s Day the 3rd Saturday in May. This is for all currently serving. This is the day for all proud family members who have their sons and daughters, nieces and nephews, or family friends, to thank all those who are serving in the military.
  • We have Veteran’s Day which is observed every November 11th. This day is reserved for all those who served honorably in the armed forces. It is also the day that WWI Armistice between the Allies and Germany. It commemorates the sacrifice of all those who served in the military.

This weekend is special, not that all the other Military observance Days are not. But this is a big one. It signifies the ultimate sacrifice of one’s self, so the many in this society could live in tranquility. 

“12 My commandment is this—to love one another just as I have loved you. 13 No one has greater love than this—that one lays down his life for his friends. “

—Jesus in John’s Gospel, 15th Chapter. NET Bible

We have all heard stories of unselfishness. Those military men and women who paid the ultimate price. The brave Marine who jumped on a grenade to save his fellow brothers. Or the Airman who stood alone against untold numbers of Zero’s, getting the rest of the failing Naval fleet to safe waters. Or the Soldiers who held a whole Panzer division from moving for a few days. All the Soldiers were captured, but allowing for the American tanks to get there in time to fight back the Germans. Or the Nurses who were in the line of fire, tending to the wounded with unending courage, not flinching at the horribleness of it all. Or the Chaplains who were giving the last rights or praying with those who were on deaths door. As these brave ‘Men of the Cloth’ kneeled next to the wounded and dying, bullets were buzzing around them. Yet they remain stalwart, at the side of those with one foot into eternity. 

May we remember all who paid the ultimate price for their country this Weekend. May we teach our children and their children the price of Liberty. May we tell them of the brave men and women who did not come back home. May we give these Heroes what they deserve…The Memorial they have earned through the greater sacrifice of all….to die for their friends, family, neighbors and this grateful man…I shall never forget what these brave men and women did for me, and my family.

Quotes about Christians

Some Gave All
All gave some, some gave all
Some were bruised’n hurt
Some, would the price of
death exert
Some stood proud’n  tall
Some had paid for all
All preserved precious liberty
To generations who’d not 
know their identity
Most came home
Some laid alone
In far away places 
Like Paris, Iwo Jima’n Rome
Monte Casino’n and Bastogne
All had scars to display
Some in war torn fields 
would lay
Some wrote the battle memories
Some, the blessed few
Were part of those Memorials
Today We the People remember
Those who lie on pastures splendor
And remember the sacrifice tender
— Oscar Roca

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