In The Last Days~ Sorcery & Sorcerers Pt. 3 |The Great Deception Series 2022


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John the last remaing apostle of Christ, was inspired by God’s Holy Spirit to use 3 words to describe a Great Worldwide Deception. The deception that would take place almost 2,000 years into the future. We are on the brink of that deception, and those 3 words give us a clue into this Great Deception. Most of the non-Christian world is ridiculing the Scriptures, and those who put their faith in Jesus The Christ , and His Word, the Bible. Yet, not many will be able to argue with its accuracy. Written 3,500-1,920 years ago, the Bible has withstood the test of time, culture and criticism…. I highly recommend you watch the videos. Please watch parts 1 &2, links are above. I have also added the audiofor you super busy people.

Last Days Sorceries & sorcerers Part 3

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Want to know Jesus? 1-800-NEED-HIM

Biblical help for youth in crisis 1-800-HIT-HOME

Rapha National Network 1-800-383-HOPE

References to the articles:

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Human Rights Watch on governments using Covid to Trample on Free Speech

Global Leaders Are Using virus to Trample on Human Rights

Messiah Definition

Christ Definition

Pontus Pilate’s Name Found

Does the Corona Virus make the Case for a World Government?

The Great Reset Forum

37 Miracles of Jesus

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300 plus prophecies fulfilled by JesusAntichristArmageddonBook of RevelationChrist the King of KingsChristian Author- Oscar RocaJesus is GodJesus is LordJesus is The LightJesus is the WayJesus is The Way Truth and LifeJesus Loves youJesus on the CrossJesus savesJesus The MessiahJesus the Messiah of the worldJesus the SaviorJesus=Yeshua=Jehovah is SalvationKnow Jesus know peaceLast Days Sorcery Pt.1More prophecies comingOne world governementOne world leaderOscar Roca Writeroscarrocawriteroscarrocawriter.comover 40 authorsPharmakeiaProphecies fulfilled by ChristProphecy being fulfilled as we speakProphetic account of RevelationRevelationSorcererSorceryThe Dark Deception by Oscar RocaThe Fake OneThe King of kings is coming-Are you ready?!the Substitute not better than the TeacherThe UsurperWritten over 1500 years

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