A Change of Heart Is The Answer

“The heart is deceitful above all things,
And desperately wicked;
Who can know it?
Jewish Scriptures Book of Jeremiah Chapter 17 Verse 9-NKJV

“I saw Sarah open the drawer, mom. I’m not sure if she took the money or not.”…..

Yesterday in Oregon a deranged young man went to a local college which happened to have a gun-free zone. He killed ten people and wounded seven. He chose this gun-free facility because like all those cowards before him, it would be easy for him to kill people before having the police take his.

Chris Harper Mercer NEW YORK DAILY NEWS
Chris Harper Mercer

He was seen asking people what their faith was. Those that said they were Christian, he shot in the head. Those who did not say anything or answered a different religion, he shot in the legs.

Another story has also been extremely controversial. This one is just as bad because it takes lives instead of preserving them. Worse than this, these lives are lives of those that can’t defend themselves. These little ones are safely and comfortably in their mother’s wombs. This is where they belong until nine months of growing in a protected environment. We have all heard of the wicked videos that have come out. These videos are accurately telling. What’s it saying about humanity?
Of our depraved minds. It used to be that men had the propensity to inflict incredible pain and damage to mankind. Now, we see that women too have that wicked capacity to do the same.

Credit Wikipedia

So when I turn to social media and hear of the devastation that human beings can inflict to one another whether it’s a backward culture of religious terrorists bent on annihilation of people from another faith.


Or the selling of baby parts as if those poor little ones were just pieces of inorganic material in an assembly line. To an obsessed person like the one who shot all those innocent people at the college because he was craving some type of attention.
To the moms and dads who have not done a good job with their kids because they are too busy with whatever they believe is more of a priority than the next generation. Some parents forget to mentor their children in an environment where they can teach them to lead productive lives for themselves and their families.

When I was a kid, I remember hearing one of my friends lie straight to his parents face. He had taken some money from a desk that his mom usually wrote out checks and paid the bills on. He blamed his little sister who always wanted donuts from the truck that passed by once a week.
She kept some cash in that drawer. Every once in a while, she would give my friend and me money as payment for doing cleaning up around garage and yard. I was always happy to help since she always fed me and the amount of food I ate, superseded the amount of work I did for them.
Anyway, when I heard my buddy flat-out lie, I realized that he was an exquisite liar. There is no way on earth that I could lie to my parents the way my buddy did. Now, having said this, I was a pretty good liar myself but not to the extent of my friend’s level. We all have an Eddie Haskell inside of us. If you don’t know who that is, ask your parents.

Now that I am grown up, at least physically, I realize that my buddy has the same problem that I see all over today’s media outlets. You see, the hearts of people tend to lean on the dark side. That’s who we are. If you don’t believe it, ask yourself this:

When someone cuts me off on the freeway or street,
1. Do I bless them?
2. Do I bless them and pray for their safety?
3. Do I curse them?
4. Or, do I curse them and wish them a horrible death?
If you are truly human, most likely you will do numbers 3 and 4 and that’s okay. Because our hearts and minds deceive our spirits by forcing themselves into thinking and doing bad things.

The solution has been here for thousands of years, yet we have forgotten about it or have purposely not wanted to talk about it.
Why? Because it doesn’t fit with the lie, that modern people have bought into. We have decided that we don’t need God and his archaic rules and regulations. We have put God in a little bottle, only bringing Him up on special Holiday or events in our lives that affect us.
We want to stop all these awful, tragic events yet not allow God to intervene on our behalf. When things get to this pint, instead of looking up and asking for help, our pride starts to blame God for these tragic things that we see going on all around the world.
There is only one way that we can change society. Through a washing or cleansing of the hearts and minds of people. It can’t be done by banning or adding more laws and regulations. These rules we have found, do not work if the sickness of the culture is deep within it.
We need to get rid of our pride. The pride that says,”It’s all about me and what I want to take from others.” This pride comes from the dark crevices of our sinful nature. It is pride that wants everything catered for us. It is also pride that is selfish and does not want to “give” to others.
The washing or cleansing is of the heart and mind of people. It is something supernatural that can only come from God (2nd Corinthians chapter 5 verse 17).
Once we humbly ask God to help us individually, He does something that we can’t fathom. God, starts working our wickedness and selfishness out of our hearts and minds. To the point that we are being transformed into something unselfish and humble (Romans chapter 12 verse 2).
So if you feel that this world is only ripping your sense of is kindness and decency and you feel like you’re still missing something.
I would ask you to put every feeling aside including your pride. I would suggest that wherever you are, to stop and ask God to intervene through His Son Jesus, who died on a cross for all of humanity. I would ask God to change your heart and mind. To make it human again and to help you become the person He wants you to become. Only God can support you with this transformation.
Once you do this, pass it on… tell others to do the same.
You will see that societies change for the better, one person at a time.


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