The Lost Generation

“The Millennial Generation is lost because of us, the older generations. The millennial generation is not living, they are just surviving. They don’t go out and travel, they don’t go and socialize. They would rather sit and stare at a screen. Whether the screen is 4 inches or 60 inches. As long as they

an iPhone, Samsung, Toshiba, Microsoft, Wall Street or Ferguson. They want things handed to them. It is after all, what their parents told them was a God-given right.”


It’s very rare that I get into politics and this post will have a bit of politics towards the end. This post is a bit long but worth it, I promise.


This post is about the effects of the lost generation.
I call this millennial generation the Lost Generation. But before I start, I want to make a few things straight:
1. I don’t believe they are lost. They believe they have lost.
2. I don’t believe the fault lies 100% in their lap.
3. The people you see in the political spotlight nationwide are showing how low our morals have gotten. They are an extension of the Christian community imploding  from within, instead of exploding into the community, one person or neighbor at a time.

This millennial generation is lost. They can’t find their way. I see older generations making fun of them because of their laziness and lack of motivation. I see this lost generation and they have no hope. The hope that we once had is for the most part lost in their eyes. Now, I am not making a whole assumption on all the Millennials, but on most. 
You see, I talk to and deal with a good number of young men and women who have bought into the lie of the enemy. What enemy?

  1. The father of all lies, satan himself. He has whispered into their minds that all is lost. Yet, this influence has been around for epochs. Why the change? Well. this leads me to us, the older generations. The Y, X, baby boomers and most importantly, the Greatest generation.
  2. The Lost Generation has also bought into the lie their parents have subconsciously planted in their minds.
  3. The solutions I have for them and what the word of God says.

First off, I want to let you know I don’t have all the answers and I am not an expert. What I am, is a father of two daughters that my wife and I have been blessed with. We also have a son-in-law who is a an example of what a young man and husband should be.

Now back to the topic…

The news and social media are big culprits of this. The schools and parents don’t lag behind in fault. The older generations also have a huge burden and fault in all this. They young adults hold the weight and the responsibility to be better spiritually and financially than their preceding generation. Yet, we have forgotten what community is or have made a horrible example of passing the sense of community to the next generation. I will give you the reasons and the solutions. Again, I don’t have all the solutions nor do I pertain to. I simply am passing along what helped my wife and me when it came to passing along our morals and work ethic to our kids.

First, I hold the millennial generation responsible. Yes, they are responsible. When all is said and done, they are adults after all. They can now see what responsibility is and what it is not.
Yet, the blame will be passed on to the generation Y’ers, X’ers, , Baby Boomers and Greatest generations.

Why, because we allowed a few things to happen. The First things was to think that we were so powerful and confident in ourselves. When the Greatest Generation won the war against Hitler, our nation rose to an unprecedented leadership only seen in powerful Kingdoms from our history. This Greatest Generation did do some incredible things. They got rid of the one of the worst people who has ever lived. This greatest generation rebuilt the world into what we as Americans wanted the world to look like and when we finished, it looked pretty good. This Greatest Generation did some incredible things and will be looked as one of the most influential in history. Kudos to them on the good stuff…

Now this is where I will give blame to the Greatest Generation or at least my take on it. Their motto was, “If we survived the Great Depression, and then Hitler, we can survive anything!”
They believed the lie of satan. They listened to him telling them that they were indeed the greatest generation ever. And they forgot to give God the glory (again, not all but most). This started a terrible and dangerous trend. The belief that as Americans we could do anything possible as a people or as a nation. Almost sounds like those foolish people in Babel doesn’t it. The greatest generation made the greatest and gravest mistake, they did not pass on the fear of the Lord to the Baby Boomer and they did not pass on a little of the painful discomforts to them either.
This leads me to the Baby Boomer generation. Truly they were Babies. They were so spoiled by the greatest generation who came from having nothing growing up, to the greatest economic surplus time period in American History. They fed and clothed their kids to death. Yes, I said to death. Because the Baby Boomers were the original Millennial generation. They should be the Millennial generation 1.0, or the Baby Boomer generation !.0. While the Millennial generation could be called the Baby Boomer generation 2.0. The baby boomer generation led to the worst time in the 20th century. Not physically but spiritually. Yes there were glimpses of greatness with MLK and equal rights but let’s not forget the drug scene and moral decline of the 60s. Most Americans will think that those were the best of times because of the civil rights movement. Yet to me, this is where satan got a foothold in this country. Such a foothold that it is still being felt today. This peace and free love are still making their detrimental effects on the moral fiber of this country.It was as if for every good thing God sent to help this country, like MLK and civil rights, satan sent out a counterfeit culture to counteract God’s good work. What the Baby Boomer did great for civil rights, they obliterated the morals of this country.
Then we get to my generation. The 70s and 80s generation. The time where we were seeing the end of the hippie movement and the beginning of the Disco and New Wave scenes.
This generation’s morals was also declining. We had learned from the spoiled 60s hippies who couldn’t or did not want the responsibility of working hard or raising kids. Again, I am generalizing on all generations. There were adults who acted like adults and were great fathers and mothers. Yet, we saw a decline in the way the kids were being raised. The free love preaching of the 60s Baby Boomer generation had wreaked havoc on the Generation X kids. These Xers did not want to be like their parents. They wanted security. They were longing for it. They, like me, despised seeing the adults drunk or toked out. They wanted something different, hence the New Wave of living.
But when all was said and done, the moral fiber of the X’ers was also eroding.

As I reflect on all this, I have to say that the last three generations have not helped this millennial generation. So this lost generation is at a stand still. They are for the most part back-slidden. They are not moving forward and are not falling back. They are just sitting on couches in their parents basement or living rooms or bedrooms. They are not taking chances nor are they willing to get help from anyone. The millennial generation is not living, they are just surviving. They don’t go out and travel, they don’t go and socialize. They would rather sit and stare at a screen. Whether the screen is 4 inches or 60 inches. As long as they occupy an iPhone, Samsung, Toshiba, Microsoft, Wall Street or Ferguson. They want things handed to them. It is after all, what their parents told them was a God-given right as Americans.

This lost generation wants everything free and is not willing to work for it. They don’t really now how to work for it. And here is where I blame and fault of the parents.
I was talking to a mom who had multiple jobs and was doing her best to make her adult children comfortable. She was giving me all the right reasons and was very sincere about why she wants her kids with her. Yet the adult children contributed very little to the household and its budget.
What in God’s green earth has happened. Where are the fathers? Why are they not teaching their sons and daughters what is right and wrong? Why are they not taking the leadership role in the family? Why is it that moms are having to teach and discipline their kids into what is right and wrong morally? How many of them are teaching them the value of money and working hard? Are they even teaching them the way of the Lord? If not why not? I thought to myself.
You see, I am not blaming the poor mom who has been misled by society that as parents we must give our kids everything in life we did not have. This lie is also a lie from the pit of hell. Kids need failures as much as successes in life. They need to know what working towards a goal is and what the prize of working to achieving it will get them. Yet, sadly again, parents just ram up all the comforts on their kids…without thinking of the long-term consequences. We are raising a generation that has gotten everything they ever wanted as far as comforts but have not been taught what working for themselves in school, sports and jobs mean. We have handed everything to them without asking ourselves, “What will giving my kid this do long term to them?” There is nothing wrong with making our kids work. Work is good for the kids, specially the male kids. They need to know what hard work is. They need to achieve small successes early on before their teens and work on bigger successes during their teens. How will they learn these valuable successes if you have handed everything to them on a silver platter?

“You want to know why your adult kids are still at home? Because they are comfortable. You are making it comfortable for them. Trust that God will guide them. Trust that He will never leave nor forsake them and let them go out into the world.”

How do I know this? I started working at 8 years of age. Yes, you heard this right. I am first generation American. My family did not know what it meant that the kids kept their money if they worked. Or if they got an allowance, it was for working around the house on chores that were over and above normal chores. If we wanted something, we needed to keep our grades up and help our moms out around the house and yard.
There was no such thing as, you are my parents, I did not ask to be brought up into this world. Had I ever said anything like that, I would find myself with a red bottom. No, my parents didn’t abuse us. They disciplined us.
When I got my paper route, those 4 blocks from my house were a new world to me. When I started making money, I realized I could make more by mowing lawns for neighbors. And all my money went straight into my parents bank account. They gave me an allowance for the week.
This went on throughout Middle and High schools. Every summer I would go and work with my father. My High School football coach did not believe me when I told him I had to work as a painter with my dad during the summer. He thought I was lying like all the other guys who wanted to get out of hell week. He went to my house and my mom told him I had left at  five in the morning with my dad to work full time. He told the rest of the team and I think had great respect for my parents after this. Those summer work hours were long  but I look back and these events had a huge impact on me morally. It taught me responsibility. It also taught me not to waste my hard earned money on drugs or alcohol. I was to frugal to waste my money.
One spring, I decided to grow some fruits and vegetables. I was ten years old.
I toiled for more than a month in the back yard. I planted and I watered.
I saw the fruits of my labor; and I saw how proud my parents were of me. This showed me that if I worked with the same attitude in all things, I could succeed in anything.
My parents took us to church every week whether we liked it or not. Now, I look back and the moral fiber being weaved on me during those very important preteen years, is still with me to this day. It wasn’t perfect but it was there and it was taught to all the next generation of siblings.

All this to say that if we are to help this lost generation, we must become actively involved. We can’t be seating in the bleachers or not there at all. It is not too late to change the course of history for one of the worst times in our history.

Lastly, the candidates that are seeking the highest office in the land are an extension of this moral decline of our nation. We have a person that is morally void of speaking the truth. This person has wrapped herself in such a maze of lies, that she is not morally right to lead. I would call her a compulsive liar. She is the extension of who we are as a people.
We have a guy that is a so rude and obnoxious, that it becomes repulsive just hearing him speak blasphemies on how awesome and great he is. His pride and ego will be his downfall. He is also an extension of who we are as a people.
We have another guy who has never really worked hard in his life. He is a free loader who got into politics to get out of real work. He has fooled everyone into believing that he will make a difference by taking hard earned money from people who have earned it and giving it to other free loaders who happen to be in the Millennial Generation. He is also part of who we have become.

All these people come from the Baby Boomer generation….
Isn’t it time to ask the only One who can change our lost way and have Him become our true leader? I ask that you come to know Him like I have. I ask that you ask Him to forgive all of us for not passing on the morals and work ethic to this lost generation. His name is Jesus the Christ. The one who can change the course of history and the one that can change our lost generations. All generations.

Next Post: How we can fix this. I just gave you a hint….

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