The 10 Commandments plus 2 |Full Counsel of God

We have become the Intolerant Tolerant Church of Jesus Christ. Some in the church believe that God’s Word is too old and antiquated. Some Christians even say that we must get rid of the scripture verses which offend and hurt people’s feeling.

I came to the full knowledge of Jesus and what He did at the cross by someone who cared enough for me eternally. Some people don’t want to share the Good News of the Gospel because they don’t want to be perceived as legalistic or intolerant.

My question to you is, “Would you rather be nice and not tell a person the full counsel of God and lead them astray eternally? Or would you rather share the full Word of God with them and have them thank you eternally?

The Modern Day 10 commandments plus Amendments.png

As for me and my house, we will share the full Gospel with people even if it means that they get offended by what I am saying. I also didn’t like what Christians told me when they shared the Good News with me. But I will forever be grateful to the people who had the courage enough to share the Roman Road with me.  If you are a Christian, sharing the gospel in today’s anti-Christian society will offend and hurt people. Share the gospel anyway. The person who receives it will forever thank you. Like me, they will be eternally grateful that someone shared the Good News of Christ with them.

If you are here searching for answers and don’t know who God is or what he did for you, please read on.

If you know you need God, you know that you have done some wrong things in your life, and you want to make things right with God and others, follow any of these links below:

Roman Road to Salvation

Steps to Peace with God

How to Know God

How can I know God





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