Prayer that Binds, Holds and Breaks |Power Thru Powerful Prayer Series

20 “Because you have so little faith. He answered. “For truly I tell you, if you have faith the size of a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you.” … – Jesus the Messiah, Gospel of Matthew chapter 17

A combat-ready heart is much better than a wondering fly by the seat-of-heart. Especially when it comes to spiritual communication.
The power of prayer is incredible. There are examples in the Bible of people who were devoted to a prayer life and what it could do.

Prayer is communication; a two-way communication. Prayer is not just a hotline. I have heard people use the word hotline to God. There is nothing wrong with this. For me, a hotline is a one-way conversation where a person just spills all their worries and heartaches to another person who is listening on the other side. Almost like a confessional, where a priest is behind the wall and listens to everything the repentant person has done in the past. Again, there is nothing wrong with speaking to someone about your problems and past. But there is only one Mediator between God and men, His name is Jesus the Savior who died for our sins once and for all eternity. He is the only One that can absolutely help you.

Powerfully spirit filled prayer is amazing:

1.  True prayer is the one that binds things together. The power of prayer is not in what we are saying or doing or asking God to do. But in what God is saying and asking us to do next. We need to sit still and listen. The Bible states that faith comes from hearing, and hearing by the word of Christ. You can spill your guts out all you want. Until you are blue in the face. But only when you stop talking can the other person hold a conversation with you.

2. Powerful prayer holds. Just like Jacob held on to the Angel of the Lord until there was a blessing given. We see that Jacob had gotten to a point in life where he knew that his past was coming back to get him. He would grab on and hold on desperately if needed until that blessing came to him. He knew that God was the only One in charge of his life.

3. Powerful prayer breaks bonds. In the case of a woman who had been bleeding out for twelve years. As a Jewish woman, this would mean that as long as she was,’unclean’, no one would be able to touch her. Not her husband, or children or mom or dad or anyone else. The loneliness of being singled out and unable to have a normal life would be unbearable.
This same woman would have the audacity to barely touch Jesus’ robe fringe.
I imagine her softly touching the Son of God’s robe, almost timidly trying her best not to bring attention to herself. She was ashamed of being too unclean for anyone to have pity on her. Yet, we see that Jesus came to her rescue. She did not have to grab on and wrestle Him down until daybreak. All she needed was to stand still inside of the loud and unruly crowd wanting Jesus’ attention.

She stood still until the perfect time when she knew that Jesus would be close enough to touch. The incredible prayer of patience for those twelve years. We must learn to have this woman’s faith and patience. She is one of the people that I will be seeking out in heaven to ask as many questions as I can.

If you are reading this today, and you have so many things that are troubling you, go the only One that can change your situation. His name is Jesus. Some call Him Yeshua, He is the only One that died for your sins and mine. He tells us to come to Him with all our burdens, He will take them upon Himself and make your life a lot better to bear.

If you are ready to receive His gift of salvation. All you have to do is:
Bind the promises God has said He would do in your heart. Ask Jesus to cleanse your heart and mind. Ask Him to forgive you of all the things that are weighing you down in life. If it’s your past, leave it behind. Once you ask Him to forgive you, God leaves all the past wrongs behind you. Never to be seen or mentioned by Him again.
Hold on to His promises, He will never leave you and never forsake you.
He will be with you always from this point on, until the end of time. Which is basically forever.
Break the cycle. Whatever bad cycle you or your family have been in, God will break that cycle and make you new. You will have a fresh start in life because Jesus has mediated you back to God.
Don’t wait, be one of the people that can say that your prayers were powerful because God was with you..

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