A Prayer for Encouragement |Power Prayer Monday

Monday Prayer:

Wonderful Peace.png

Lord, I want to pray for all those who are feeling a bit down
I lift them up to You so that they will wait upon You and be lifted up higher than ever before. That You bring them peace, comfort, and such incredible joy which will make them take a leap of faith to hang on to the promises You give us. You vow never to leave us nor forsake us. You promise that we are not alone. For those that feel alone, I say, be of good cheer. God will never leave us orphans. He is a Father to the fatherless and a Husband Redeemer to the widows.
I ask the Holy Spirit to lift your spirit so high up that the heavenly angels will have to softly bring you back to a place of peaceful status in your lives.
I would ask each one of you who are burdened with whatever it’s that you are overwhelmed with, give your burdens and heavy loads to the One who will make your weight as light as a feather.
He will take your yoke of bondage and carry it upon Himself. All you have to do is ask! Ask it loudly! Shout it to the mountaintops!
If you are beat down in life, I ask you to whisper it to Him. He will listen to you because He loves you. Just like Hannah cried out in a whimper to the Lord for a child. If you have no strength, may your whispering cries go up to the heavens and into His throne room! Just ask Him. He hears and sees your sufferings.
He collects your tears and holds them dearly! Because you are loved beyond what any mortal person could love you. Don’t ever forget this! He that created the trillions upon trillions of galaxies knows you by name!
I lift all of you up. Go, God declares! Little girl or boy, get up He commands! I hold you up, from the muddy grounds where you are, just have the tiniest of faith that I AM here with you. I Am here, and I AM the Great I Am. Know my name, I AM Jesus, Yeshua, Creator, The First and the Last, Beginnings and End. I AM here for you. Reach out to Me. Stand up, take my hand now, and I will make you Kings and Priests, Queens in my courts, Daughters of the King of Kings! Just take your first step…. reach for Me. I AM here always until the end of time…..


All scripture from: Berean Study Bible

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