There is Life After Life! |Being Born Again

1 Corinthians 15:53

I recently heard of someone‘s passing away. One of my wife’s dear friends and sister in the Lord, lost her husband who had been battling health issues. 

We feel genuinely for her and her family’s loss of their patriarch.
But I would be remiss if I didn’t say this, this dear and caring man has entered into Christ’s presence. All of his painful ailments are gone.
As soon as his spirit left his earthly body, he was present front and center with God, His Savior Jesus.
One of our encouragements to give his incredibly, patient and kinds wife and kids, is that one day, very soon, because this life passes so quickly, they will see him again!
Why do I say this? Because I know they also have called Jesus, their Savior. Romans 10 verses 9-11 & 13 says:

Romans 10.png

This is the blessed hope that Paul explains in 1 Thessalonians chapter 4 verses 13-18, that Christians who have placed their faith in Christ have the hope and assurance of seeing their loved ones again. Because Jesus has taken care of this through His death in the cross and resurrection from the grave.

We, like Jesus, will go through this miraculous transformation. Just like a caterpillar buries itself into its own cocoon when it knows it’s time, we who have put our trust in Jesus will one day do the same thing.
You see our bodies are not the principal part of our essence. Our spirits are and have been clamoring and agonizing to get out of their constraints! The constraining freshly bodies that we are born into will one day, like the caterpillar, need to give way to our true nature. The nature of being born-again into a heavenly body that will never see corruption or feel any pain. All my broken bones and I have many, will never wake me up in the middle of the night telling me they hurt!
Cancer or heart issue or any other ailment you may have now will all be gone. The sadness or terrible hurts will also be gone forever and just like the caterpillar’s transformation when our bodies finally give into our spirit’s desire to reconnect with our Creator. That fighting will our spirits have, will allow us to transform ourselves into the creatures we should have always been. Heavenly infinite bodies who crave to be with Christ.
I wish I could tell my wife’s dear friend how much her husband is alive. More alive then when he was here on earth.  He is exuberantly more in tune, more loving, more vibrant than what we can imagine.

Screen Shot 2018-07-11 at 5.25.43 PM.png
No tears or pain in Heaven

As I write this, my earthly body mourns for his loss, but my divinely bound spirit which has been screaming for true freedom is delighting itself because one more prisoner has been set free from this life!
You see, I would be remiss if I didn’t tell you that there is another ending to this beautiful heaven bound story. If that any time a Caterpillar doesn’t close up, or is not allowed to be in its cocoon for the right amount of time, the Caterpillar will never look like a butterfly. Its wings may be deformed or its body not fully transformed into what it was supposed to be.
The Caterpillar/butterfly will always be in that state. A state of not wholly being a Caterpillar or butterfly. And so it will die, not ever taking flight.
In the same way or spirits have been waging war against our earthly bodies.
If the earthly body wins, the effects produce profound eternal consequences. The consequence of not allowing your spirit to come out and call on the name of Jesus as its Savior. Many in this world leave earth still fighting against their perceptions of who the True God of the universe is.
Many people move on into this next life, which is eternal, and leave their earthly bodies still unwilling to allow God to be in a relationship with them. Their pride or hurt or anger keeps them from recognizing that their spirits need to become one with their God. They reject Jesus for whatever personal reasons they may have.
All those times of decisions to finally give into what their spirits have been trying to tell them are not heeded.
All the warnings their true nature has been clamoring to get attention, go ignored.
Had those people listened to what their spirits were calling out do for their eternal good, they would not be punishing themselves forever.
This eternal punishment is being away from your spirit’s true nature. The authentic restoration and reconnecting into the most amazing and powerful kinship we can have; that of a personal relationship with Jesus. This relationship will be forever.
The connection of total peace, love and a state of being complete, is only given here on earth, for those that shed all their anger, frustration, hurt and pride.
Jesus says to ask and keep asking, seek Him and keep seeking Him, knock and knock until He opens the door in Matthew 7:7-8.


We have to allow ourselves to go after Jesus humbly. And ask Him to take everything we have, our hurts, our anger and all the things that we did wrong because of past damage, rage, and pride.

He will be faithful to take all our wrongs and toss them into nothingness, where those things will never come back to haunt our spirit again.
So today, I ask you, which caterpillar do you want to be? The one transforms itself into a beautiful creature who flies into eternal peace? Or the one whose wings have not been allowed to grow spiritually and therefore never escapes the eternal punishment intended for rebellious angels? Take the step of faith and be the Caterpillar whose life is changed because of the mysterious metamorphosis of faith. Go let your spirit fly into the arms of our Creator and Savior Jesus. Your spirit will be eternally grateful and will stop warring against your body and mind.

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