His Easy Harness — His Light Load |Salvation

Isa 61.png

Remembering my brother Eddie who passed on to be with the Lord around this time in 1996.
My faith tells me that one day, I will see those that have passed on to be with the Lord. I was blessed to know that my brother committed his life to God when I got a call from him six months prior to his death. He sounded joyous. His voice was peaceful. No one had to tell me what he would be telling me. He was a different person.
You see, my brother battled with alcohol for a decade or so. When he was in his early twenties, he helped manage a hotel. My brother was the guy that would take tourists all over Mexico City and show Japanese businessmen or German entrepreneurs how to have fun in a city alive with the worst of enticements throughout the evening.

This business of showing tourists a good time, along with his addiction, brought a heavy chain like abuse he could not stop.
I had been praying for my brother to find peace. Peace only Jesus brings. I know it sounds cliché saying this nowadays. But the truth is the truth no matter how popular it is.
You see, Jesus tells us that he brings life and more abundantly to those who call and place their faith in Him.

John 10_10.png

Jesus comes to give anyone who asks, a new life. A fresh start and a powerful ally who can take whatever addiction or bad habits a person has, and make them an added tool to our spiritual arsenal. My brother committed himself to this peaceful but powerful faith. But, his new committed faith would come too late. His body was too beaten with all the problems of his life. My brother had abused his body way past its limits. He would go home to be with the Lord.
His decision to ask Jesus into his life. To commit to Jesus’ teachings and Lordship had saved my brother from eternal catastrophe. He made his decision to follow Christ in the nick of time.
I am forever grateful for this and to the person who led him to a changed spiritual walk.
Today, I want to new courage to take the time to look at your life and see where it’s headed.
If you are struggling with things that are keeping you down or frankly enslaving you, ask Jesus into your life. Ask Him to forgive you of everything that you have done wrong. Any sin you want to get rid of. Make a commitment to changing your life with His help. It is the only way that you will break the chains that are dragging your life into a mediocre existence.
Once you do this, seek a Christian who you know is truly living like a disciple of Jesus. Ask that person to help you with your new commitment. And ask the person to help you learn more about Jesus.
You will see that your burdens will be lifted. Why, because this peaceful but powerful Person, will help you by taking the load off you, and carrying it on Him.
You will find that His yoke is easy and His burden is light. Don’t wait, tomorrow is not promised to anyone.
















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