Go Take On Mountains & Get Rid of the Giants! |Get Motivated by God

One of my favorite chapters in the Bible is in Joshua. Where we see Caleb at 85 years of age telling everyone that he will go take on the mountain by climbing it and defeating the giants in the land. These are the same giants (Anakim) the Israelites half Caleb’s age are cowering behind Joshua’s robe and being triggered with fear.

Never stop getting better.png

Not Caleb, he tells Joshua and the rest of the Israelites, “Let me go at ’em! The Lord promised me this a whole lot of years back. It’s time, I’m only 85 years young but the Lord is my strength (my commentary view), I can take ’em all!”

I think that Caleb remembered Moses words, which gave him hope to take on his giants. Even after all those decades had passed.

Cliff Notes version: 

Caleb remembers Moses’ words that God was his strength. Caleb gets his land and takes no prisoners. He then retires and lives in peace for the rest of his life. 

So…what’s your excuse today? Start changing the I can’t to, “The Lord is my strength! He is my Salvation! I can take on that mountain and get rid of the giants! With God anything is possible!”



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