Offend Them to Life |Salvation

Be Bold with the Good News!.png
Matthew 10:22


— As Christians, we don’t offend anyone on purpose. At least we try not to. As Christians, we are to be the salt and light of the world. Jesus tells us to be the good flavor and the light to those that have sour mouths and are blind  & lost due to the world’s depravities.

— Yet somehow, some of us have become a bunch of whiny and afraid Christians who don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings. Even if it means not offending them into hell.  (See Luke chapter 16:19-31)

Gent Club inoffensive.pngEternity is a long time for those offended lost souls to think of forgiving us for not trying hard enough to reach them. It is not our job to be inoffensive. It is our job to present the unbelievers with the word of God. It is our job to preach the gospel to the ends of the earth and make disciples of all nations. It is not our job to count on a list those offended or not offended by what the Gospel says.

— Jesus told us the world would hate us because they hated Him. Or did we think that the-lollypop-don’t-offend-anyone-today culture is going to save anyone?

— I wish we could talk to those people who are in hell right now. I wish they could give us a ringy-ding-ding and tell us how much they appreciate us not offending them by not telling them about Christ.

Drug Expo Inoffensive.png— So instead of everyone getting angry at those who are blinded by the god of this age, why don’t we, including me, start praying and fasting for those that got offended by a billboard of a pastor who was holding a Bible?

— Why don’t we just not pay attention to those poor lost souls acting like 2-year-olds trying to get their way? And start preaching even more….
— Don’t wait for those people who are offended to be forever away from our Lord and Savior’s presence because we went into a corner pouting about the fact that some non-Christians got offended by the Bible and the message of sin.

Romans chapter 1.jpeg
Romans Chapter 1

— Instead of Christians getting mad or retreating into our communities, this is a critical and important time in our country, for Christians to boldly proclaim that it is only through Jesus the Savior of the world, that people could be saved. He is the only Way, the Only Truth and the only Life for those that are lost.
— It is up to us to tell those offended by the Billboards here in Southern California and throughout the world, that we are not ashamed of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Because it has the power for salvation to everyone that puts their faith in Jesus our Lord and Savior…


— I will never stop sharing the gospel. This is what I am called to do and this is who I am. If you don’t know God, and if the Bible offends you, please take the time to really know what is offending you about it.

— You will find that most people don’t really understand the Jesus of the Bible. They have only heard about crazy Christians offending other by pushing their faith on them. I don’t push my faith on anyone.

— But I do share what God has done in my life and why I am thankful to Him for giving me the life changing peace I now have. That peace won’t change my life circumstances. But this peace of knowing what will ultimately be my home does.

— I want you to have the peace and knowledge that there is something far better in this life and the next for you. I would challenge you to research and see if this Christian Faith is truly offensive or just a fallacy made up from those who don’t want to change their bad habits…

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