God’s Pebbles on the Road |My Story

Isa 40_11.png
Isaiah 40:11 Berean Study Bible

A young man was so eager to leave his parents that he started on a journey with just the bare necessities on his backpack.

He had all the essentials to survive since his parents had taught him how to survive well enough for him to endure the long road ahead of him. This young man started his journey and soon found a partner along the path he was traveling in. Both travelers were going in the same direction and found that they enjoyed each other’s company, so they decided to hike together.

Along the way, they encountered rough patches, and in the dark hours of the night, they would unexpectedly stumble over small rocks and pebbles on the road. They would have to stop and check their shoes and feet often. Sometimes one would have to be helped out in carrying their loaded backpacks or with other nuisances along the way. Yet, this couple kept traveling.

They met a very loving and wise man along the way who was walking with his flock of sheep. The man seemed to know everything about life and the dangers of being out here without the proper equipment.

He told them that he was going their way and would light their steps at night with his lamp as long and as far as they allowed him to travel with them. The young travelers loved the stories the wise man told. He was a shepherd and would wander near and far with his flocks. He knew all the roads and also the ones less traveled.
The shepherd told them stories of his flock and of the many times he would fend off wild animals and thieves who came at night to hurt his sheep. His lamp and staff were always by his side. The more they traveled with the Shepherd, the more they stopped noticing the rough patches on the road. One night the young man felt a horrible pain in his foot. He had not been watching his steps and hurt his ankle so bad that he told his fellow travelers that he would have to stop. The young man was about to quit his journey and tell his partner and the wise man to continue without him.

As soon as he said this, he felt the strong arms of the shepherd carrying him. He also saw his partner as she picked up all the baggage he had been collecting along their journey. They carried him and his equipment a long distance until he was able to heal.

The young man was forever grateful to both his friends as he was able to continue his travels with them. When his partner needed help, the young man was there to help her.
The couple didn’t realize that the wise man was always there for them and never seemed too tired of helping them. Even with the sheep he had to take care of, he never complained. Instead, he patiently walked with them to their destination.
The wise shepherd promised they would like their new home and sure enough, the place was incredible. Enough pastures for their own little flock they had picked up along the way. The land had a running river with the best water the couple had ever tasted. Their little flock would finally be safe. They decided to stop walking and settle in this perfect piece of land. They were even more joyful to find out that the shepherd owned all of this and was giving it to the couple and their little sheep. The shepherd would always be nearby in case they needed him.

They told him that they would regularly place an extra setting on their table for him to come and dine with them. He smiled and said to them that he would always have time to eat and talk with them. The young couple was finally ready to live their life together.

This journey I am in, has been such a wonderful blessing to me. I was able to do what I have been called to do, and that is to tell stories about God’s love, grace, and mercy. I started with short skits at church and went on to write plays while serving full-time.

I am a storyteller in a world which needs the Greatest Story to be told in a way that opens people’s hearts to its saving grace.

I am reminiscing about the promise I made to God for His incredible and loving gesture of allowing me to live after being diagnosed with kidney cancer. I am living in extra innings so I can continue on life’s journey until I finish what I have to for Him.
The doctors told me I was one of those people lucky enough to have survived this type of cancer because there are no symptoms or signs of the sickness until it is too late.

I told them like I let everyone who is willing to lend an ear that I am not lucky. Luck had nothing to do with! It was the miracle of knowing Christ as my personal Lord and Savior. God tells us that Christ bore my sins, He took my sickness upon Himself and healed me.

After being diagnosed with the hated ‘C’ word, my journey took a different turn. My world was turned upside down, and everything I thought I needed to do was changed in an instant.

Yet, for those that have struggled with some type of illness or loss, I can tell you that God is faithful. He is a God of refreshing. God never promises us a safe and pain-free life but gives us enough pebbles on the road to step on, so that we develop into what He has called us to be on our personal journey.

May you be like that young man who started walking on his journey with only one thing on his mind. To touch as many lives as possible, pointing them to the Shepherd that always walks along with us with His lamp to light the way…

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