Don’t Crack Their Eggshells! |Faith to send them out

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There’s a story of the kid who kept raising eggs for them to hatch. His dad was a fourth generation farmer and told his son not to crack the eggs to help the baby chicks, since they would have to do all the work themselves in order to come out healthy.

  • This little boy had a huge heart and wanted his baby chicks to have an easier time going through the process of hatching.

He would see the cracking of the eggs and then start cracking the eggs more. The more he did this, the more the baby chicks were dying on him. After a few months of this, and with the last couple of chicks dying on him, he ran back to his house and cried himself to sleep.
His dad went in to talk to him and asked what was wrong. The little boy told the dad what he would do for the baby chicks.

  • The dad reminded him of what he had told his son months prior, “Son, by helping the baby chickens come out of their shells, you are hurting them. You see, the babies have to crack through their eggshells on their own. God has made the process automatic for them. Their instinct is to fight to get out and to know when to get out. When they are ready, they will come out without anyone’s help. If you try to help them, it may cause some damage to their system, and they may bleed to death. Listen, son, God has the little ones covered under His protection. Why don’t you let God do the final work and allow the chicks to fight for themselves?”

The boy didn’t believe any of what the dad was saying. He couldn’t understand all of the logic, but his heart was too broken not to listen.

Screen Shot 2018-09-23 at 7.30.49 AM.pngA month or so later, the boy saw the cracking of the eggs, with his dad’s big ol’ arms around his shoulders. The boy looked up and walked away, checking every once in a while to make sure the process was indeed happening. This boy was so nervous, thinking the worst, but having faith that God would help the baby chicks.
A little over half a day went by when the boy started seeing the chicks breaking through their eggshells. One by one started chirping away. Sunset had set in, and the last egg was finally broken through. All the baby chicks had hatched and were in excellent health…
Parents, if you genuinely believe in God, don’t break your kid’s eggshells. Don’t do the work for them. Let them crack through their battle in life so they can break through without your help. How, you ask? Let them go out to experience what rent, car payments, and budgeting are all about.
Or do you want them in their eggshell for the rest of their lives?
I have always taught that kids need the tough breaks and obstacles for them to:

  • First, learn to depend on God in everything they do.
  • Second, learn to trust that what God has for their lives will always be better than what we, their parents have for them.
  • Third, we parents need to learn to share our faith with our kids. I don’t mean sitting there sharing the gospel with them but to have our children see that we indeed are allowing God to work in their lives without our meddling.

Let them scrape a knee, break a bone, get some scars mentally and spiritually.
Don’t be like the farmer’s boy who tried to help the baby chicks breakthrough the egg shells.

  • Are we parents rescuing our adult kids so much that we have killed their dependency on what God has for lives?
  • Are we like that boy, breaking the eggshells of our children’s lives and short-changing the fight within them?
  • Are we short-changing battles that will make them get stronger mentally and spiritually by depending on God and not mommy or daddy to bail them out?


Referenced Verses:

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Isaiah 40:30-31

 Philippians 4:13

Chicks Hatching

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