Heal, LORD,Save(d),Praise You |Healing Marriages Series

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—Rafaw— YHWH —Yashaw—Yashaw —Tehillah—

The above five simple words come from Jeremiah 17:14.

Heal Yahweh, save, saved, praise

  • It’s not a magic hocus pocus formula for someone who is in poor health.
  • It’s not a repetitive prayer for us to keep chanting like a mantra.
  • But these five powerful words are words we need to know.
  • We have to remember the state of Jeremiah’s mind and spirit.  The Lord used him to warn Israel of their coming doom.
  • Jeremiah had to proclaim the word of the Lord no matter the consequences. There were false prophets telling people who God would save them.
  • Like today, we have many “pastors” telling people what they want to hear. Yet the Word of God never changes.
  • It hasn’t in over 4,000 years and even if the gates of hell open up wide to let the forces of evil influence mankind, the Word of God will always be. Because it’s light and truth. It gives people life, a renewed vitality that shines so bright, the forces of evil scatter.

— Jeremiah spoke these words when Israel was going to be decimated.

— I want to encourage you today. Whatever calamity you’re going through. Whatever dark and deep valley you’re stuck in, remember, the God who created all things, the One who calls us by our names, He is here! Still reigning and still in control of all things.

So if you are feeling down, or see nowhere to hide, call out to the only One who can help your situation.

—Healer, LORD, save, let me be saved. I will praise You!—

  • You see, Jeremiah saw what God would do to Israel. He saw the future calamity. No wonder he is called the weeping prophet.
  • Had I seen what Jeremiah saw, I would be in a fetal position crying out and with my thumb in my mouth trying to comfort myself.
  • Yet this prophet of God endured the visions and called out for Israel to repent and draw close to their God.
  • The God that had worked miracle after miracle with their ancestors.
  • The One who parted the stormy sea for them to cross to safety.
  • He is still here, and He still does everyday miracles.

—Call out to Him today! Let Him take your calamities and let Him part the deep storm you’re treading in.

Heal LORD, save! You have saved us, and we praise You!

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