The Name That Shall not Be Named |JESUS IS LORD!

saying, “By a charge we commanded you not to teach in this name, and behold, you have filled Jerusalem with your teaching, and you intend to bring upon us the blood of this man.”But Peter and the apostles answering said, “It is necessary to obey God rather than men.” — Peter in Acts chapter 5:28-29

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I was talking to One of the guys in our family who is in full-time ministry along with his wife. He was telling me that the city Council of that city that the church is in, sent a letter telling all Christian churches that they were not to use the name of Jesus anymore in city council prayer meetings..

  • That they would have to generalize the name of God in their prayer. So he said that the senior pastor decided not to go.
  • I disagree 100% with that. As Christians we do not cower because we have the power. As Christians we do not run from fire we run into the fire because like the three young men and the story of Daniel Jesus will hold us and keep us and protect us. We won’t do as the world says — for all to bow down to satanic images and culture; we do not, we cannot.

  • We stand with the name the name that is no longer popular. The name that People want to get rid of. The name that infuriates those that don’t know him personally.
  • What I would’ve done as I would’ve gone in there and said in the name of the Lord of lords, king of kings, the name above all names. In the name that I cannot mention.
  • And his mighty name that I cannot say but one day all will bow down to that Name and that is why I pray in His name.

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It would behoof all of you not to try to hide His Name that is systematically being deleted. It will be in vain! The Roman Empire tried, they failed. All kingdoms have tried but failed. Don’t make the same mistake as they did. Instead embrace and welcome His name into your lives and into society. Jesus has changed societies for the better.

  • I for one will never stop exclaiming Jesus Name. I don’t care what authorities do or say. They are but a small vapor in existence. Jesus is the Creator of this universe and exists outside of time and space. He is forever.
  • Who do you think I will listen to?!

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