Destroying Faith |New Zealand Massacre

I read the news this morning about a horrific massacre in New Zealand where gunman went into a mosque and killed 49 people. This act shows how depraved human beings can be to one another. All the Social Media outlets and news organizations are airing or posting about this.

I believe that all lives matter, no matter the ethnicity or faith of a person. I am praying for all those who have lost loved ones through this atrocious act of violence.

  • Having said this, I also believe that there is an unfair balance of reporting. This tragedy and all like it, should never be swept under the carpet.
  • Yet, had it been a Christian church, would we have the same world-wide coverage?

— Everyday, muslim extremists in the Mid-East and Africa, burn down churches and kill Christians just because they will not submit to their religion.

— I have not heard from most of the big news organizations or even local news or social media outlets making any effort to report these horrendous acts against Christians. Only a few big News outlets have ventured into reporting this atrocities.

— Radicals in India are doing the same thing to Christians in their country.

— Atheist governments like China and N. Korea are destroying churches and are vowing to rid their countries of Christian and Western influences once and for all.

— The big news organizations and social media outlets are for the most part silent in their reporting.

  • One mosque is hit with awful violence, and the reports are all over the place.
  • Why is the ongoing extermination of one faith less important than another faith?
  • Why do the media outlets who should be reporting on all tragedies, keep quiet about what is happening to Christians in the Mid-east, Africa, India and China?
  • Thousands of Christians have been killed all over the world?
  • Nigerian Christians have been killed regularly by Muslim  extremist and yet, the news and social media outlets are mute!

I feel for all loss of life. I detest violence and hate hearing tragic news like the New Zealand mosque massacre.

  • But what I can’t stand even more than this is the silent apathetic mental disorder our media shows when it comes to reporting truth.

— Truth is, more Christians have died all over the world at the hands of extremists, than another group of people. Yet the media outlets are silent.

Christian Persecution.jpg

— An extremists goes into one mosque, commits a heinous act against a group who is worshipping their god, and every news outlet reports on the tragedy.

  • I applaud the media outlets for reporting this.
  • I only wish they did their job correctly and report the truth of what’s happening to Christians, with the same commitment and fervor of reporting which they showed for the LBGT bar and Mosque shootings.
  • All shootings are tragic and evil. This is why it’s important for the world to know the truth on what’s happening to Christians….but because they are Christians, the media outlets are silent…Just remember what happened in the 1940s…when all the world stood silent and left the Jewish people to die in agonizing and horrific ways…
  • Once the world is rid of Christians, who will they go after next? Apathy leads to death….shame on you major news and media outlets….




Christian Persecution by Country—

One of the few who has reported Christian Persecution is Fox News—


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