Congrats Grads! |Graduations 2019

As another school year fastly approaches its zenith, I want to take the time to give all graduates just a small piece of advice…

As every single academic year passes by, and I see grads joyfully making their way out of the middle, senior and college institutions, I smile and cheer them on. 

To those kids in middle school going into high school:

Don’t waste your precious high school years stressing over the little things in life. The boy or girl whom you want to date, or the other students in your future school who might pick on you, or the group of kids you’ll hang out with during this time. Trust me when I say this, everything you think is super important, is not. Start off taking a deep breath and then enjoy every minute of your high school experience. Go to the football games, hang out with your friends, study hard and start setting goals on what you may want to be when you get out of school. Don’t worry about the rest of the stuff, because 10 years from the day you graduate from high school, they will not matter. All you will remember is the fun times you had… enjoy the journey into high school…

To you high schoolers, same advise, but I will add this:

You are no longer kids. Most of you will be 18 years old or older.  Don’t waste your time doing the frat or sorority thing. I know for some of you, this is the main reason you want to be in college. Know this; it may be fun to do the frat house experience, but 10 years from the day you graduate, those parties and fun times will not matter. What will matter is that you went in with a set of goals of what you wanted to accomplish, and you graduated doing your best to reach them. What will matter is that you made life long friends who want the best for you and vice-versa. Take the time when you are stressing, do what I always told my daughters (and wife, and myself), stop everything you are doing, look around wherever it may be, close your eyes and take a mental picture of all that you saw. Remember every detail of that picture, and count your blessings. Because even those stressful periods will teach you something for the future. Embrace every situation like it’s your last and enjoy the journey into semi-independence…

For you College grads:

Whether you will continue to post-graduate work or get right into the workforce, I ask that as you are walking down the aisle and waiting to be called out for your diploma, reminisce and be thankful to whomever, it was that pushed you along the way to get to this point in your life. Whether your parents, grandparents, teachers, mentors, or all of the above. Be thankful for those who invested time in you and your well-being — those who encouraged you along the way because you did not make it this far without help. Enjoy your journey into a full-fledged membership to adulthood

Lastly, for all of you:

Don’t forget the most crucial part of your graduations. Whether you believe or not, whether you have faith or not. Whether you see Him or not. As you are all done with your graduation festivities and parties, thank God for getting you this far. He gave you life for a reason. That reason is to glorify Him in such a way that your life will mean something. That something is getting to know God personally and committing your life to do something good for Him. Not to earn your ticket to heaven but to fulfill what God wants for your life. If you don’t know God on a personal level, I urge you to get to know Him. If you already have a relationship with Him, I implore you to stop, look around, close your eyes and ask—Lord, may I take a mental picture of this moment so that I may listen to what awesome things you have in store for me next!…. Enjoy your journey.

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Know God

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