No Weapon Will Stand! |God’s Protection

The LORD was showing the prophet Isaiah what was to come in the future when God’s people would be reconciled with their LORD. You see, God’s people had been spiritually sliding backward, towards the way of their neighbors around them. The Canaanites were sacrificing their children to their gods. The Amalekites were also doing the same thing. All the cultures around them were very sensuous in their worship and their made up gods reflected their sinful hearts. God was not having any of that kind of sin for His chosen ones.

His people had to be holy as He was Holy (1 Peter 1:15); and they had to separate themselves from the primary culture of the day. Most of Israel did not or were not able to do this. The culture at the time was just too tempting for them. They wanted the sensualness of the Canaanite and Phoenicians. I will not get into what this means, just imagine the major cities of the U.S., add the Hollywood effect to uncensored lifestyle of the so called movers and shakers in the industry; and you can imagine what went on.

Hollywood is hell-bent on changing our children and grandchildren’s minds on what we are teaching them morally at home.
Parents, I highly suggest you pray hard and ask God to show you; do your own research on what is being transmitted and passed as viewable for all ages.

I ask you to have a notepad or your phone ready to count the number of times you see something inappropriate on programs your kids are watching.

When I say inappropriate, I mean things that the Bible would say are not suitable to see, learn, or be instilled into, and not by what parents think is deemed safe to watch. There is a big difference because all of us have been bombarded by watching TV ourselves. So what we think is okay to show kids, may not be okay or approved by the LORD.

Your kids are going to do what you do, and see what you see. Don’t allow the weapons of sensuality, violence, and warped morals to slowly creep into the little minds of our kids, by allowing them to watch unfiltered TV programs and movies.

This is Hollywood’s big gamble, the producers and writers know that most parents give their kids ample time in front of the screens, whether TV, Computers or Cell phones.

Hollywood’s agenda is to change people’s ways in which they see life. They want a Hollywood version of what morality is, because they hate what the original version of morality portrays them to be.

Please don’t allow the ideas of a few to dictate what your kids will end up thinking and living.
And screen their time on watching things via TV, the Internet, and texts from friends.

Will this guarantee safe passage throughout your kids’ life? No, but remember that when you are diligent in teaching them God’s ways, nothing the enemy will do, will hurt them. And if by chance a fiery arrow does hit one of them, remind them that all of the enemy’s weapons are useless long-term and eternally. Tell them to keep running that race and to trust that God will be their shield, even when they fall…

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