PDP v.s. WaSP |Teaching Your Kids Series

This blog post is the fourth post in a series of Training Up Your Children to commit to the LORD on their own.

I have called it the PDP of our prayers. 

First off, I want to encourage those that have adult children, not to worry, stress, or panic; remember it as WaSP

What would you rather be doing? Panicking, or knowing that God has His children covered? After all, they are His children, not ours. 

Neither of those negative thoughts will bring His kids back to a commitment to Christ. 

Jesus tells us not to worry about a thing. That every little thing is going to be alright (God said this before Bob Marley).

I want you to think of:

Adam and Eve talked, walked, & trained with God. They saw, touched, felt, smelled, and heard Him every day, all day. 

God Himself had trained them up since their creation. And yet through all of this, Adam and Eve still fell…

I want you to pause right here. Have your personal Selah moment…

Now to get back to God. I want you to ask yourselves these questions:

—If God, being all-powerful (omnipotent), all-seeing-everywhere (omnipresent), all-knowing and infinite (omniscient), had two kids that went wayward, I mean, extremely wayward; how do you, being a mere mortal and descendant of Adam and Eve, think that your children will be perfect?

—Or will never make the same mistakes that you did growing up? 

—Even worse, the things that some of us do as adults, while fully knowing and committing to Jesus the Savior?

You see, God gave His children something that is both valuable and highly dangerous:

—He gave us Free Will

What this means is that as humans, we have the freedom to choose what we want out of our lives. If we have done our jobs as parents, then our children will make a full commitment to Christ on their own. Some make decisions for Christ early on as young children. Some it takes a while. Others, it may take what seems forever. But make no mistake about it, all will have to decide before they pass on into the next life.

Again, I will say this one more time— I am not an expert; I am a husband, dad, and poppa to some wonderful kids; and have also served for a long time. I have seen & heard things good and bad! 

My kids, like me, are sinners saved by grace. If I keep this in perspective, nothing that they do in this life will surprise me. I don’t have any qualms saying that my kids were rotten spiritually, even as babies. Their favorite words, like my words, I’m sure, were— “Mine, No, Mine!”

What is the secret to bringing your wayward children back? I don’t have all the answers but I do know this:

—Never compromise on your walk and your faith.
—Never compromise on your bible time and prayer.
— Never compromise on pointing them to God always.
—There’s no magic formula, train them up.
— Discipline them when needed.

— Drench them with prayer always. —Prayer for Protection, To reach their Spiritual Destination—& For provision in all they do.

—Point them constantly to Christ.
—Those wayward kids will not enjoy their lives until they find the grace, mercy & peace of the Almighty.
—Don’t give up training them until the day you die.
— Don’t give in to the enemy’s constant whispering of doubt.

When all is said and done, your kids will see your walk. They will eventually do what you are doing with your walk.

So if there are things that your kids are seeing in you, make the changes needed to live a life whole acceptable to God. Then your road will become clearer to those loved ones who are lost…

If you don’t know how to get your kids right with God, here are a few links to help you:

Know God

Steps to Peace With God

How Can I know God

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