8 Days of Giving Thanks! |Thanksgiving 2019

We shift gears today to be thankful:

This month is a reminder for me about how precious life is. With my mom passing on about this time (a week ago) in 1993. To say that I have sweet and sour memories in November is an understatement. But as my brother in the LORD Michael Nuñez very thankfully explains about his mom, I have the same memory of my mom. She was the most faithful person I have ever met. Her debilitating rheumatoid Arthritis never kept her from trusting in God or grumbling to God, at least not in front of her children.

Even more of perfect timing, Michael did not know my mom passed on around this time, and when I asked him to write something he was thankful for, he sent this. In God’s perfect timing, I picked my brother in Christ because of what he has written in past years, always starting on the first day of November.

Michael is one of the few who has been doing this and I want to celebrate it!

Take a look at what he wrote for today’s Thanksgiving Month:

Day 20 of Thankfulness… Yesterday I made mention that I was thankful because I get to instruct my son in the way of the Lord. Today I am thankful for my mother, who did just that, teach me about Jesus. To cry out to him, to seek his forgiveness and guidance, and so much more. (My Dad played a significant role as well, but this is about my mom, not Dad.. she was not perfect (neither am I), but she was perfect for me (as I am to her) Missing you today. Proverbs22:6


Michael Nuñez November 20, 2019

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