Preaching In The Pulpit Is… |Sermons & Studies Series

Teaching the Word of God is one of the most honorable things one can do. But when we are preparing the study or sermon, we must be very cautious as to what will be said and taught.

We must be prayed up, studied up and most importantly, be serious of who we are representing.

Sometimes, I hear of pastors who are constantly trashing the people. Or some others constantly joking in the pulpit. Others, using language that is far from the Holiness of the pulpit. What we must be extremely conscious of:

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The pulpit is to preach:

The Father’s Love, Interjection & Correction

About Christ’s power of Redemption 

& Transformation

About the Spirit’s constant 

Sanctification & Instruction

The pulpit is about:

Sin’s Seriousness & Grievousness

Damnation to Salvation

Man’s Fall & Separation

God’s Forgiveness & Eternal Plan

Of Action

About Christ’s Obedience

About man’s Connection Correction

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It’s about God’s:







FOR Praying for God’s: 

Intervention, Edification

Supplication, Acclamation

Intercession, Cessation

& Confession

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The Pulpit is not for self:

Edification, Elation, 

Inflation, Narration

Reputation, or 


The Pulpit is definitely not for:

Being funny all the time,



or crowd Elating

Not for self Agendas,

Or Selling yourself

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