3 things about these baseball scandals |True Sports Fans

   As an #LFC (Liverpool Football Club) fan, I take the good with the bad that comes my way. I have been doing this since the late 70s. I have learned a few things about ups and downs, or shall I say, Mountaintop experiences and deep Valley Lows with this team. There was no American Professional Soccer league, so my friends and I would follow teams from England, Spain, Italy, and Germany. But the passion of the Liverpool fans won me over. Watching the games in black and white TV, yes, black and white with lines moving up the screen! I was mesmerized by the way the team played, the fans sang, and boy did they sing. Nothing anywhere else was like it. Both team and fans were at the top of their game. Then the 90s came, and we would finish 2nd. The winning was there but nothing like the 60s and 70s of the glory of LFC. Yet, not one fan blamed players or their team. They sang— You’ll Never Walk Alone at every game, they felt for the losses along with the players. Still, they sang and praised the team.

Fast forward to now, the team is the best in the world. LFC have won the Club World Championship. They are the reigning European Champions, and they are close to winning the English title for the first time in 30 years. Yet, the fans have and will always be the same with their team—They will sing and cheer like always, win or lose.

This is why I respect and love that team. Manchester City, the reigning champions in England have a fan base that is, well, like the UCLA Bruin fans. If you’ve ever been to a Bruin football game at the Rose Bowl, you know exactly what I am talking about. Sure they cheer and love their team, but it’s not really from the heart.


The same thing could be said about my Dodgers. They haven’t won a World Series since 1988. Almost as bad as Liverpool, except, there is a massive gap of a difference with the fan base. One team is world-renowned and loved by their fans all over the world. Yes, it’s a different sport, and yes, different countries. But the love of Liverpool fans towards their team is unmatched in all of sports.

Our Dodger fan base is like that of a spoiled brat who’s been given so much by their parents. Toy after toy, good experience after good experience, and yet, the spoiled brat wants more, and when this brat doesn’t get more, they start whining and complaining and cussing at the parents!
I still hear the resounding negative comments for the Dodger Pitchers.

Is this what we fans are about!?

The one player who took a significant portion of the angry brunt was Clayton Kershaw. The guy that has won Cy Young and MVP awards and a big part of the reason why we have been in the postseason so much these past years. Let alone what he and his wife do for the community in their personal time. A man who has great faith in God and is one of the good things in baseball. Yet, the spoiled brat base would have its angry verbal lynching against this honorable man. Without having any regard to the person or persons, everyone was lambasting. Especially after hearing of what the Astro’s and Red Sox did…


Be a fan that should the tables be turned around at work or you playing a sport, could empathize with those ballplayers. Yes, they make millions, and yes, they need to perform. But when cheating happens, everything is off the tables.


The things that we love about Kershaw, having integrity, and being honest… are the same things that during this cheating scandal, most fans were angry and wanted him out.


Is this what people want their kids to learn? That playing with honor and integrity even when losing is for chokers, losers, and suckers?
First thing first–to all my fellow Dodger fans who spoke so much smack about them these last few years— Chokers, losers, can’t close- etc.


I brought this up a while ago. People can’t leave a stinking trail unless there putrid.
Some of the players in the Astros stunk big time away from home.
Then, by supernatural forces only beholden to them, they were extraordinary playing their home games. Yes, there is a home-field advantage but to be that inconsistent, should’ve-could’ve-would’ve smelled of rotten feces.


To my fellow fans, you know who you are, go and apologize to Kershaw and the rest of the gang! Then stop talking so much putridness about the team that you follow. It’s okay to be disappointed, but it’s not okay to do it the way a whole lot of you did…


If this was any other type of contest or business— the 2nd place person would take the title. Not because they won it outright but because the Dodgers made it to the World Series. And both times, they played the right way while the other teams played with an Ace in their sleeves.
Whenever an Olympian is caught cheating, the Silver medalist gets the gold. Whenever a high school team cheats, they forfeit everything, the games they cheated in, and if they won any championships, they default, and the 2nd place team gets the championship.
In business, if a company is caught doing unscrupulous things, they are investigated, their stock falls, and the strongest or 2nd place competitor gets the customers.

The Dodgers, by their own hard work, should get the World Series Champions titles. It’s the right thing to do.

If you think that I am saying this because I’m a Dodger fan, you are wrong. Those that know me now that I would do this even if it meant the Giants were the ones who lost because the American League team was caught cheating against them in the World Series. This is the equivalent of ManU winning instead of Liverpool. Or the Celtics beating the Lakers…you get what I’m trying to say.
So to all my fellow Dodger fans, please stop whining when we don’t win. The Dodgers are winners. They are the National Team of the decade. They made it to the best of the Big Show but were beat by the Big Faux Teams of Boston and Houston.
That in itself makes my Dodgers Winners…

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