The Jews Sir, The Jews! |2020 & PROPHETIC MURMURINGS PT. IV

Today I want to highlight the country that has been involved in history throughout, well, history. Without this small but not insignificant country, we would not have news about the Middle East now. Imagine all the news and social media organizations not having enough to talk about except maybe the price of crude oil.

We would not have Christians, the Bible, evil dictators & supremicists like Hitler blaming the Jewish people for their economies etc..

This tiny nation-state is surrounded by so many people who want it to disappear. A land the size of the state of New Jersey. The only democracy in the Middle East. That’s right, the only one. This country, whose Arab population is free to vote, live, and thrive. Of the 9.1 million people living in this tiny country, 20% are Arab Israelis. 

Israel, whose people came to claim their land back after being dispersed for two-thousand years. Yes, that is correct. World History books and the internet are inundated with misleading information. Israel is not an occupying force. It is not a people who invaded and took over a land that wasn’t theirs. It is a people who have suffered in the hands of so many. Yet, it has survived the onslaught of persecution throughout its history to tell a story.

Excavation discoveries are a common thing which show Israel’s claim to the land, not any other people

The history of Israel is quite the opposite of what a percentage of the world’s population will tell you. The excavations alone in the last 100 years have proven much for the legitimacy of Israel being the rightful heirs to the land (see weblinks below). This ancient country spanning almost 3,500 years back, regained their independence officially in 1948. Nearly 2,000 years after being dispersed throughout the world, losing their land, and almost losing their language. One thing they did not lose was their identity as a people. 

Source Charisma News

I know why Israel is alive and well. The Jews are here as a testament to God’s Providence. I know it’s not a word used anymore. Nor is this comment popular with today’s younger generation who have been indoctrinated by their extreme-left-leaning-politically-correct-Israel-hating college Professors at universities, all over this country, thanks to mine and your tax dollars, you’re unwelcome.

All this to say, Israel is, and will be in their land whether, Russia, Turkey, Iran, Europe, the Arab countries or anyone else wish otherwise. God has promised this… and I don’t bet against god ever!

So we are seeing an unholy union of countries who have the military might, and will one day march towards Israel, as they are living peacefully and going about their business. This unholy alliance will seek to destroy it, but will be demolished by A Supernatural Power…God…more to come on this…

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