Be Right With God—Be right with Your 1st Ministry |Leadership 101

The Above is still true today as it was long ago and will be in the future…

We are to teach and lead our wives & children to Christ. This is the ultimate goal in life. 

Imagine a mob of 100 people going around your neighborhood. They have one thing in mind—to break into all the houses, including yours. 

You hear the noise in your home and the next-door neighbors. You have your wife call 911. Will you go and help your neighbor and leave your wife and kids to fend for themselves?

Or will you grab your gun, bat, knife, etc., have your wife call 911 and then go and defend your family?

I know that you’re smirking and saying, “Oh, you poor soul….ha ha ha, Oscar, of course, I’ll defend my house! What fool would not!

I say, good for you. I know you would defend your house and everyone in it. But why then, are you not having the same fervor with their spiritual walk?

“Well, uh…what do you mean?!”

Does the Bible say in Deuteronomy 6:1-9 to:

Love and obey God with everything you have, then go and share that to your co-workers?….NO

Love and obey God with everything you have, then go and share that to the children in Manacutta, Babylonia (not a real place)?….No

Love and obey God with everything you have, then go and share it with your neighbors?….No


Community is not just the church community. Our faith is at its strongest when we are discipling and sharing the gospel. Our faith has become stagnant when all we do is go into a building and fellowship together.

Eat, drink (water for me and soda or juice for anyone else), go to functions together, have home fellowships together, and go out together. Does that sound about right? Please don’t get me wrong. Fellowship is vital for our spiritual health. But so is discipling and sharing the gospel. That is what we are to be doing.

Going out into the world and making disciples of all nations…we live in a part of the country where so many nationalities are living together. We don’t have to hop on a plane to make disciples of all nations. America is the land where all countries come to live and thrive in.….All the nations are here!

All this to say, if you are having problems with your spouse, stop everything you’re doing and go and fix the problem, the church will be there when you’ve won her over.

If your spouse and kids don’t want to go to church, ask yourself:

Are they that rebellious to God?

Or are they tired of seeing you at church every moment of the week, instead of being at home taking care of your family duties?

If you find yourself at a church study here, a church function here, a cleaning day there, women’s gathering here, a special church function over there…and you are not in full-time ministry, stop it! Then you wonder why your spouse and kids are so antichurch. They don’t want that kind of Christianity.

Go and spend some time with your kids. Talk to them. Communicate with them like you do to people at church. Love your spouse and family, disciple them. And when they start asking to go to church with you and mean it, be glad that you left the ninety-nine and went to get your lost little sheep ( Matthew 18:12 ).

There are too many divorces and children going by the wayside because we did not stop everything we were doing at church to go and fix the problems at home (Matthew 5:24Mark 11:25 ). God and your church building will be waiting for you after you make things right in your personal life. Then and only then will God truly bless your walk…

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