A sudden loss & Crash in the valley—ETERNALLY LOST IN A MOMENT IN HISTORY.

Yesterday was tragic. I heard of a helicopter crash near a valley…

 The whole world mourned…The day was filled with an athlete whose status was legendary. This man among men who inspired so many to play a game so popular. Thousands gathered at the house he built to light candles and sing of his glory. 

Inside, a worldly “Whose-Who” gathered and spoke of the loss of this man and his daughter… How they would forever be remembered.  

His daughter, filled with hopes and dreams, just starting. Her life in a moment fleeting. 

Others on the plane who may not have his name, but still, their names will be retained. 

All the families will be grief-afflicted. The void they left will be much suffering. Eternally lost in a moment in history. 

These lives wasted, all of them. There will be mourning still today, tomorrow, and forever. Millions will remember.

Another sorrowful crash, about 7,600 miles away. Very little news and mourning. 

No candles laid at the site where those heroes lay. 30 marines and 1 sailor will forever there stay. 

Eternally lost in a moment in history. The names of those who perished will only be known from families whom they cherished.

These young people answered the call to defend. Their lives had hopes and dreams to tend. 

They didn’t hold a ball or shoot from 3 point range, no one came to mourn there, it is strange.

That we should regard one crash over another. Even though both losses should cut our hearts asunder.

Both crashes make me think. Of all the lives that have gone extinct. From the star athlete to his daughter. To those who gave everything of themselves because country mattered.

I am saddened and in mourning. For both choppers and their calamities.

Especially those who defended us for such poor salaries. Leaving homes, comforts, and their families. 

May we never forget the famous athlete and his daughter. May we pray for the families that went down near The Valley.

But, and I don’t say this lightly. May we never ever take those young men in the other death valley. Whose lives are in constant threat thousands of miles away, that is their reality…

Yesterday was tragic. I heard of a helicopter crash near a valley….I mourened for all who were lost. Eternally lost in a moment in history.

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