“Out Of The Far North” |2020 & PROPHETIC MURMURINGS PT.III

To some this may be a long post. If you are one of those people, scroll to the Short Explanation Part below. The first section is the research I did to get my answers to Ezekiel 38:1-6 section. If you want to know where I got my information, please read from the beginning:

In my last post, I mentioned that there is a league of nations who are or will be plotting to invade Israel. I know that many countries have tried and failed. These same countries have also been talking about destroying Israel once and for all. 

One of these nations working behind the scenes is Russia. I understand that we are hearing rumors of wars coming from Iran, which is the old Persian Empire in the Bible. Turkey has also been linked to pushing their former Ottoman Empire and bringing it back to life. ISIS was calling for a Middle East Caliphate spanning most of the old Ottoman Empire with some African nations added. Yet, all of these want-to-be players would not be able to do things without Russian approval.

So now we are back to what I mentioned in my previous post, where God mentions Russia specifically, along with Iran, Turkey, Libya, and a country or region in the Nile River area, would be headed by the Prince of Russia and try to invade the land of Israel.

 We start with this essential nation since God mentioned Russia over 2,600 years ago. As I said in my previous post, let the number of years sink in a bit. Then allow yourself to think about Russia not even being around when God said to Ezekiel to jot down the prophecy regarding this nation. 

Now to break up the word of God:

1. God tells Ezekiel to prophecy against the future land or kingdom or nation of Russia and its Prince or Leader. When God says to prophesy against someone or some country, this is not a good thing. Especially when a person or nation has not even been born yet!

2. God is specific to His condemnation: 

—It has to be Gog of the land of Magog. The Chief Prince of Meshech and Tubal—Ezekiel 38 verses 1-2

—Now, where is this Gog from the land of Magog, and Meshech and Tubal? 

—Well, we know from the Strong’s Concordance that Gog #H1463 is:

—of the area of Magog, #H4031 are from people who were descendants of Japheth, 


—who originated from Mountainous region between Cappadocia and Media and kept moving Northward. 

—There is some debate about whether the Hebrew word Rosh means Russia or Head or Prince. Modern scholars believe it does not say that Rosh means Russia. I will not debate this since it really doesn’t matter. Because we can get our compass from the word of God and through Historians and scholars.

—The Greeks originally called them Moschi( Μοσχοι ), the Assyrians called them Mušku, Muški. Meshak= proper name, of a people the Moschi (Greek Μοσχοι, see below; Assyrian Mušku, Muški. But most peoples around the area of the Black Sea ( modern-day Russia ) are correlated with the modern people of Russia.

This information is in the Strong’s Lexicon #H4902 for anyone to see.

Now for the historical part:

JV MaGee on Russia:

“When Ivan IV( Ivan the Terrible ) of Russia took the Muscovite throne in 1533, he took the name Czar, [or Caesar for those of us who know the Roman Empire]. Now muscovite is the name of those in and around the Russian city of Moscow.”—Excerpt from JV McGee, quoting Bishop Lowther-Thru the Bible Commentary, Volumes 1-5: Genesis through Revelation (p. 2020). Thomas Nelson. Kindle Edition.))

Josephus, Antiquities 1:6:

““For Gomer founded those whom the Greeks now call Galatians, [Galls,] but were then called Gomerites…

Magog founded those that from him were named Magogites, but who are by the Greeks called Scythians. Now, as to Javan and Madai, the sons of Japheth; from Madai came the Madeans, who are called Medes, by the Greeks; but from Javan, Ionia, and all the Grecians, are derived. Thobel ( Tubal ) founded the Thobelites, who are now called Iberes; and the Mosocheni were founded by Mosoch ( Meshech ); now they are Cappadocians””—Excerpt From: Flavius Josephus. “Antiquities of the Jews 1:6:.” Apple Books. 

The above information is a bit to take in. So many names to go through. So I have highlighted the names that may seem familiar to you: 

Muscovite, MOSCOW

Gomer, Gomerites

Magog, Magogites, Scythians

Thobel, Thobelites, called Iberes or Iberians. Or Tubal.

Mosoch, Mosocheni, as in Meshech—Cappadocians. Or peoples who lived in and around the Black Sea.

—All sons of Japheth, Noah’s son.


All this to say, Russia and its people are in alliance with Turkey, Syria, and Iran today. This is not new, of course, but the coalition is more in-depth than what most people in modern times realize. You see, all of these countries are connected through Japheth initially. Their culture, traditions, and bloodlines run through one person. Russia’s ( Gog of Magog, Meshech, and Tubal ) connection will eventually force it to get behind Iran ( Persia ), Turkey ( Gomer and the peoples who migrated through Eastern Europe ), and fight their enemies. Iran and Turkey, along with the rest of the Muslim world, are sworn enemies of a tiny country whose population worldwide is a little over 15 million people. Russia has over 146 million people. Muslim population is over 1 billion. This figure would be staggering and overwhelming to most people.

Israel’s sworn enemies surround this little country. The forces against them seem unstoppable if these countries ever do invade. 

Yet, God has sworn, that Russia and her allies will never beat Israel. He said this over 2,600 years ago, and this will still be true the day they invade…or try to invade.

I can’t tell you when this battle will take place. I don’t know if it will be the Battle of Armageddon, or if it will be before the Christian world is translated with their LORD and Savior Jesus. This whole Rapture thing is quite unbelievable to me, and for most folks, it is impossible. 

All I can say is this, if I had all the answers, then God would not be a miracle worker. I know and honestly believe that this event I call the Great Awakening will happen. I don’t know when, even if it is in my lifetime. I don’t care. My job is threefold—

To be expecting it, to share the news of the hope of this expectation, and to teach about it. 

So I will look up, talk it up, and point it up!

Now that we have placed Russia and the Ezekiel 38 and 39 Prophecy, my next post is about the rest of the players and the ultimate showdown with God. You notice I said God and not the nation of Israel? Russia and Iran, along with the rest of the countries in their alliance, will invade Israel, what they will be doing is rebelling against God and not Israel. More to come on this in the next few posts.

If the God of the Bible can predict events this perfectly almost 3,000 years before they happen, He can connect back with you now. Ask Him to reconnect with you. Here’s how:

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