Only 4 Dodger Fans |LA Dodgers 2020

All I heard the last couple of years…Dave Roberts sucks…Dave Roberts can’t manage…Dave Roberts should get fired!….Dave Roberts this and that….”Marsha, Marsha, Marsha!”

Where are the haters? This Man, or should I say, this Man…ager of Managers, is in his third World Series in five years. Let me say this again differently…Dave Roberts 3/5 years managing the Los Angeles Dodgers. This man is a winner and a long sought out World Series ring will not change this. The Dodgers also have the most wins of any NL team between 2010-2020

Source @ryanfagan

Unlike most Baseball fans, I don’t get all emotional if my team loses in the best of the best of the Big Show’s Series.

If we were to rate most people’s work, a majority of the whiny fans would never even have made it to the Jr. High leagues in any sport…based on their work record. Here’s the thing, do I want to see my Dodgers win? Yes! But do I think my Dodgers are losers for not winning these last deacdes? NO! They have proven to be winners off and on the field. Whether they win this year or not, I don’t hang on to my life by a thread if they lose.

Because these Dodgers…my Dodgers…are the only good thing that this rotting #MLB has going for them. They don’t cheat, they play to win, they don’t beat drums or radio signals to win.

They just play the way we did as kids…win or lose, I can go home like when I was a kid and the sun went down for the day… and life will go on. WIN OR LOSE, my Dodgers are winners… and they have proven it all these years… Dave Roberts….you are one heck of a manager. Forget the Haters…they’ll go on hating you or anyone else they deem unacceptable…without looking at the facts…615% is a winners percentage, and no one can take that away from you or the #BoysInBlue…

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