Say ‘NO’ to the Bullying of America |Protests 2020

When sheep become the wolves mentality::

Land of the free, only if you agree with us!

The lines are drawn. They have been for over 60 years. The left leaning professors of this country have finally broken the mind of the young impressionable adults in their care.

I blame the parents sending these kids to college unprepeared.

I blame the feminist generation of moms who said they needed no man to bring up their young boys and girls. Yes, young boys and girls. You feminist moms thought you could have, and do it all. Then when it was too late and your teenagers started being what they are at that age, you started blaming the male role models for your kid’s shortcomings.

Realizing that you had created monsters instead of productive members to a free society. But it was you mrs. feminist, scratch that Mz feminist, who made your children who they are today!

I blame the men who left their families for whatever they thought was better on the other side. Men—you sacrificed your children to the devil gods for your hedonistic lie of a life. You allowed your wives to divorce you and you were glad to do it because underneath, you had been playing the part of man, but in reality, you were just a whiny little boy who wanted to have fun with the boys all day, everyday. Craving life to be a perpetual fraternity of bros. Who needed kids. The ‘let the women take care of them‘ mentality you so blatantly hugged into your lives, now have repercussions. These repercussions are a generation of lost souls who are angry at everything and anything! Hey, but don’t worry, the moms will take care of everything, while you go to ‘happy hour’ and get wasted away watching sports and playing pool. No worries here….

America stands at a paradigm shift that will not be good for anyone. Including those diluted kids who have drank the KoolAid far too long.

The Problem is an unbalanced educational system:

These kids are like junkies who have been drinking too much, or taking drugs for so long, that when they see themselves in the mirror, they can’t tell the difference on how long they’ve looked the way they have. It is only when intervention comes from family members and friends who love them, that they may see what they’ve become—walking-half-dead-half-alive-zombies.

We are in this mess because of too much nurture & not enough discipline. You can call me all the names in the world, or protest what I say in the same angry way that you’ve done during this year, it will not change the facts!

The Fascist-Bully Generation

You can yell and scream all you want, but like the young lady in the restaurant who was sitting outside, eating and sipping a cup of her drink, minding her own business, until the angry little sheep came to bully her into submission. These spoiled, over nurtured, young adults who were acting like 4 year olds screaming for attention, were surrounding this poor young lady who would not submit to the bullying mob menatlity of, “Say as we do or else!”

One thing that most of the liberal academia have done, is to tell kids from kinder to college, that they have a right to everything.

Now think of what I just said, please…

The same liberal professors who are teaching about equality, and inclusion, are telling these strayed little sheep that they don’t have enough of this, or that. That it is they’re right to get what they haven’t had. That the ‘priviliged‘ have too much and have it too easy. So they feed these lost sheep with lies and hatred for their neighbors, who may have more than them.

Even worse, most of these college experts in their field of under water basket weaving, and I apologize to the under water basket weavers for comparing them to liberal professors who I think are at the lowest of the professional tier.

Where was I…yes, these liberal professors that fill young sheep with the most insidious of views of the world for 4 years, then, pat themselves on the back when these students go out and fail becasue they were never encouraged to work together with others, or think critically by breaking up information from fiction. These lost graduating classes of the super expensive, go out into the world thinking that there will be ‘safe zones’ eveywhere they go, including the profession they have chosen. Only to find out that this is not what was ‘taught’ to them in school.

The same schools that most of their parents paid exhuberant amounts of money to get the ‘education’ they were expecting. Instead, these lost sheep are taught the education of putting down the country that has given them the most in life.

The Solution

The solution is simple, but because it’s so simple, the change will never happen until our tax dollars stop going to universities who don’t change. The education system has to come back to balance, in order for us to maintian the God-given Rights the Constitution affords all citizens of this country. The First Amendment is in serious trouble because it is not taught at all anywhere in schools today. Not elemantary, middle, senior or college levels. When this bully generation, which includes most of the educators in this country, pushes people to stop saying something they deem ‘mean’, or pushes others to agree with all the over-nurtured ideas, it’s time to bring back the balance. Our kids need to hear about importance of the Founding Documents of this amazing country!

It doesn’t matter what Professor Knowitall thinks, or Miss. I-want-to-teach-your-kids-what-you-won’t, elementary teacher wants, or what Mr. I’m-loud-and-proud, middle school teacher tries to indoctrinate our children with.

The Constitution is the Law of the Land. Nothing more, nothing less:

Once you stop teaching students that this country was founded on principles that are extraordinary, and turn everything being taught into hatred, we get what we are seeing now—anarchy & chaos. Is it any wonder why we are angry at one another? This is all that the liberal social media outlets and tech comapnies have told everyone. This is what the same liberal mentality of academia have been saying for a geneartion and a half.

I understand that most teachers aren’t the zealots. But the same teachers who have told me that they are not like this, have allowed the system of initiation & indoctrination to permeate all over our educational system.

It is time to take back our children’s education by:

1. Voting the extreme liberal leftists out of office. We can’t do anything without going out to vote. If you are a Christian, go and make your voice heard! Nothing more, nothing less. If you don’t vote, then you are part of the problem. Stop being complacent, go out and vote Biblically.

2. Demand our tax dollars stop paying for educational indoctrination of a whole generation! Put a stop to tax dollars funding of killing of babies, and indoctrination in education.

3. If the governing authorities still won’t listen, home school your kids! The best investement for your children is proper education without the indoctrination of the gay, socialist, and sexual educational agendas that have taken priority instead of the 3 R’s.

4. Demand to bring back the Foundational Historical Documents and history of the Founding Fathers. Give all sides of the story. The good, the bad and the ugly. There is more good about this country and its founders, than the horrific lies of what the liberal professors are teaching now. We must bring back the truth about this country, in order to preserve it.

But nothing changes, unless you go out & vote this November. Vote Biblically. I used to say vote morally but that went down the drain fast. What people think is moral now is so far from it.

If you are tired of the rhetoric being passed as truth all over your home screens, it’s time to change this now! Big Tech companies, social media and news outlets all have become sounding boards to real fascism. If you don’t believe this, read the definition of fascism and you will see.

Go out and vote Biblically. Our nation needs you…

If you are like me, I am tired of the rhetoric that this country is horrible & racist. Yes, it’s not perfect, but it’s the best country on earth. If you don’t believe me, go travel around the globe. You’ll see…

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