Don’t Hide Your Faith In The Sand! |Elections 2020

Am Apologizing ahead of time

Not for what I am about to say, but for how sensitive people have become. Old Time Preachers drove Hell & damnation out of hearts of people. They never apologized for it.

Now, the seeker friendly preachers want popularity over condemnation & Salvation!

Oscar Roca

As a Christian, husband, dad, and Papa…

As a Christian I find myself having to write more of these posts than normal. I also find myself fighting an inner battle of sorts…

You see, I never meant for this to be a political blog. The only thing I wanted to do was bring uplifting and encouraging teaching of the Bible. I wanted to bring Biblically based detailed studies, and historical points of views to everyone for everyday applications. But because today’s climate of darkness these last few years, this has forced me to come to terms with reality. 

The sad reality

The reality that a Christian cannot compartmentalize their faith into little drawers where we just use it on Sundays and Wednesdays. Where we have put politics so far into these little dark compartments, that we have allowed the world to dictate every aspect of our lives without any of us fighting for what is right, just, and will glorify Christ. 

Contrary to today, Jesus did not compartmentalize who He was!

The Consequences of Christian apathy

We have also allowed ourselves to be dictated to by people that don’t know what we know, don’t do what we’re supposed to do, and we watch as these non-believing people do the things that we abhor as believers. 

We can no longer stand behind and say, “The Lord will take care of it.” While we sit back and praise God on Sundays and Wednesdays, pretending that the world is still like it was 20 years ago.

Well, guess what? The world is worse than before. The violence in this country and throughout the world is getting to a point of no return. The world is worse than before. The violence in this country and throughout the world is getting to a point of no return. Yes, Jesus spoke to us about all this in Matthew 24:9, and also in Proverbs 29:27 ; Matthew 10:22John 15:18 ; and John 16:33.  

on earth as it is….

Jesus turned the Politician’s sins over & in front of them!

Also, remember what Jesus told us in His model prayer:

Our Father who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name, thy kingdom come, the will be done, on earth as it is in heaven….

As there are, or were two Holy of Holies here in the Tabernacle, God told Moses to build Him, and also in the First and Second Temples in Jerusalem; there is an original Holy of Holies in Heaven. The Throne Room of The Father and His Son. Where we see the Triune God Head or Yah Head; where the Holy Spirit of The Living God is glowing throughout the heavens.

So thy Kingdom come, thy will be done, on earth, as it is in heaven, means that we Christians must & do have the obligation, & right to bring in order to earth as it is in heaven. 

Yes, it will never be as it is in heaven, but we must not allow the armies of hell to pitch a tent in any capital, of any country in this world. Especially in places where Christianity once thrived.

The only country started by free Christians for free Christians

This includes the one country besides Israel that began for the sole purpose of evangelizing others, and just as important, where the only place in the world at the time, where the land’s citizens had forged a contract to live in a place where the Freedom from tyrannical Kings or Leaders would infringe on their right to worship the God of the Bible freely, and without allegiance to a ruler of both civil and religious entities. Meaning, that this land, the United States of America was founded to support freedom of religion, with peace and prosperity solely in the hands of those that landed next to Plymouth Rock. 

All this to say, as Christians, we must bring everyone to the throne of God, in our lives… every aspect of our lives. 

Someone once told me that I was one of the very few people who never compartmentalized their faith. This young man had gone through and spoken to, counseled with, many Christian elders. This surprised me! Because the men that he had counseled, learned from and heard every Sunday and Tuesday (men’s study) Wednesday, were men that I respect and know. 

Yet this young man was highly surprised to see me blend my faith with everything I said and did.

This is not to boast, but to explain where I draw a line…is that I don’t draw a line where I, am a Christian only on Sundays, Wednesday or Fridays. When I speak, people know that I am a Christian. I don’t believe in the— tell them we are Christians and if need be, use your mouths to say it. Meaning by only our actions we should be able to share the gospel. This is a dangerous thing to say and to preach. Because even demons know the Bible. Other religious people I know of that are not Christians, are some of the nicest people on earth. Yet, by their incredibly nice actions, they can love people to hell!

we are down to the wire! The hordes of hell are working overtime!

So in the next week, I will be posting ‘political’ posts and I am not apologizing for this. The state of this country is so far down the darkness way, that we must bring it back to the Light. There is too much at stake. Babies are a commodity—where the investment of killing them for parent’s convenience, or for baby parts for the medical industry, or for making a political statement is no longer evil, but celebrated. Where adultery was once political suicide, we have candidates who have ‘slept’ their way into offices and marriages, and no one bats and eye or blushes anymore.

Where arrogant mouths on both sides seem to be the norm of the day in all 3 Branches of Government, and its voters are apathetic about it.

Where politicians go into office to help the people, but leave years later multi-millionaires on a civil servant’s salaries. Yet, Christians throughout the years have done diddly about this.

So this is just a warning, if you feel that as a Christian you can’t mix faith with politics, I will show you that Abraham, Noah, Moses, Joshua, King David, Solomon, and even Jesus lived in a world of politics. They were political leaders…who changed political views during their time here on earth. Yes, even Jesus changed the Roman Empire. He drove out thieves who were political pawns to the the Ruling Party class—The Sanhedrin. He gave back to Caesar what was his, He called the Political Body of Israel hypocrites, and told them they were dead men walking. If that is not political, I can’t help your…and I mean this with love and respect…blind eyes and deaf ears. 

So I will not apologize ahead of time if you get hurt by this. I am not here to coddle anyone or bring them to a nice place where they can feel safe. I am here to preach the truth, yes with love. Because love is sometimes the harshest of teachers. 

Jesus loved us so much, He was stripped naked, smashed and bashed, beard ripped from His face, whipped with an instrument that ripped his skin from his flesh, beaten spat on and nailed to a cross….if you can’t take how Jesus died, that’s on you. He, Jesus, died a horrific and brutal death for all our sakes…..the least we can do is speak bluntly to one another until all the dead men and woman walking wake up from their educational, social, and news media indoctrination comas they have been living in…

Next post…Biden, the real Russian-Chinese-Ukrainian Conspiracy…and the censured media outlets Collusion to hide it.

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