Millions of Christians Who Don’t Vote?! |Election 2020

The Apethetic side of the flock:

by Os Roca 2020

There are about 15 plus million Christians who are not registered to vote. Yes, you heard this correct. The numbers may be higher than this. What gets me is that I hear this every four years. “Why should I vote for a corrupt system?”

Let me remind eveyone that Hillary Clinton won the popular vote four years ago by about 3 million votes. Let’s just say that those votes were legitimate voters (me rolling my eyes). So 15 million votes would have been a landslide in the popular vote. It would also push the electoral voters to be influencd towards even a greater number for conservative values.

The Ever Growing Problem:

by Os Roca

Fascism is growing in this country at an alarming rate. Christian Pastors have been too quiet & lay people have been asleep far too long. It is almost November, & most churches are still closed here in California!


May I remind all those who call themselves pastors, whether they are senior pastors, staff members, or deacons who go and clean, there is a time where you have to say enough is enough! It is time for all churches, no matter how small or large, to open up. This fear that I see in senior pastors is what was prevalent during 1940s Germany. 

You see, during 1940s Germany, most Christians were too afraid to do or say anything against atrocities & invasion of privacy that had grown during the Nazi regime.

—Oscar Roca

The biggest mistake that German Christians made was that they bowed a knee to Hitler, and did not stand up for what was happening to the Jews, those with down syndrome, and to other minorities at war in 1930s-40s Germany. 

Most German Christians in 1940s by Os Roca

Pastors decided that appeasement and bowing down to Hitler was better than the consequences they were seeing done to Christians like Dietrich Bonhoeffer and the Christian Resistance of Germany.

Christians in Germany and throughout Europe witnessed things that should never have been. While across the Atlantic, American Christians and the rest of the population were too apathetic to react to what Hitler was doing in Europe.

forward to 2020 Uinted states:

Hiding in the sand won’t help by Os Roca

The biggest mistakes German Christians made was bowing a knee to Hitler & not standing up for what was happening to the Jews & other minorities.


We are witnessing the same apathy and appeasement of a good percentage of Christians towards militant Fascist organizations like BLM inc. and Antifa. These fascist organizations are doing precisely what Hitler did in the 1930s. 

If we look back to 1930s-40s Germany, not one single decent person anywhere in the world will say that Hitler was a great man who only wanted to unite a broken German population. No one would dare say this because they would be laughed out of the country or sent away somewhere.

CLERGY acting like the dicsiples pre-holy spirit!

We have a large percentage of seeker-friendly and emergent church clergy that feel a need to ‘bow a knee’ to organizations that damage property and life. Yet, senior pastors who have been closed because a non-Christian authority demanded they stay closed due to authoritarian control, and not the covid-19 virus, end up opening their churches for just one specific occasion. These pastors did not open to preach the gospel, but to advocate for ‘social justice’ and promote ungodly organizations preaching hate, and wealth redistribution!

We are witnessing 1930s Germany. The Nazi brownshirts would go around taking people’s guns and rifles; these authoritarian tactics were done for the Fatherland’s good. Once they took the people’s right to defend themselves, they went after political adversaries and Christian pastors who were against them.

This is what is happening with the mob mentality of Antifa and BLM inc. 

Change people from within–By Os Roca 2020

We, as Christians, must fight this in unity. But some liberal pastors who prefer social justice to the truth of the Bible, and His saving grace… would instead go out and do ‘good things’ than preach Heaven and Hell!

What can I do? I’m only one person!

The Country is on sinking sand!–by Os Roca 2020

First off, get out of the sand! It is sinking! Plant yourself on the only Foundation that one can weather the storm, on The Rock of Ages! The Foundation built on Jesus will destroy any enemy foreign, domestic, visible, and invisible.

Secondly, do not bow a knee to anyone other than Jesus, the Savior, LORD of lords, and Kings of kings!

Third, and just as important, go and make your voice be heard,. Vote Biblically, not emotionally or morally. Because today, emotions and modern morality have caused this dark and evil society. Where selfishness and inwardly looking to satisfy the self, has resulted in an overbearing moral decay.

Christian, there isn’t time for sleeping! 

Os Roca 2020

Go vote against the killing of babies. 

The immoral education being taught to kids who don’t need to know about that stuff.

The need to bring balanced teaching in our educational system. Not just the communist manifesto junk that is being taught from k thru College!

Lastly, vote for people who will defend the Constitution like their lives depend on it…because they do…and so do ours….


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