When The Crabs Get Angry… |Tyranny Series / Discipleship Series

I was stunned to hear that a pastor who took over a monolith of a church from his father-in-law, here in Southern California, is speaking to Christian Pastors, scratch that, condemning fellow Christian Pastors who are standing up to local, state and Federal governments’ tyranny. He instead asked everyone to bow down to government for the sake of the people who don’t know Jesus.This reminds me of the pastors and clergy who bowed down to the NAZI government because they wanted to “reach those that were lost‘! What they were basically saying, was that they were too afraid to stand up to what was right, just, and would glorify God. These pastors were the anti-types to the Bonhoeffer’s of the world.

Nothing has changed. Since the days of the Pharisees & Saducees, men who want to hold on to power, will bow to the powers that be.

Os Roca
Bowing Down To Tyranny

These pastors who bow a knee to government, don’t want to lose their comfortable positions, their comfortable salaries, & their comfortable way of life.

Os Roca

This is why I am breaking the Political Tuesday protocol, and having to remind everyone that as Christians, we love everyone, but speak the truth always, defend the widows, orphans, and strangers in the lands, and yes, even use the shepherd’s staff to ward off pastors who are veering away from the Truth. I don’t need to speak or write this guy’s name. Since he took over the ‘bishopry‘ in orange county, a huge divisional split has happened…and it will continue to break into something worse than the San Andreas fault, spiritually.

You see, God has to seperate the wheat from the chaff. From the single family homes, to great monoliths of churches. God is getting all of His people ready, and sometimes, God disciplines those whom He loves…and this guy definitely needs a spiritual Abba Father spanking! Here is the link of the video I watched in horror. Horror becasue of what was coming out of this pastor’s mouth that was so 1930s-40s Germany, appeasing the Reich’s Fuhrer!

Video of what happens when you bow down to tyranny:

A must read, I called an alarm in 2020 about the direction many pastors were going, and this guy who condemns pastors who are fighting the good fight, said exactly what I wrote in one of my drawings:

Link of one of my blog posts showing what happened in 1930s-40s Germany when pastors bowed a knee to tyranny

Oh and I didn’t forget about the title. If you have ever seen crabs trapped, you will see something peculiar. The crabs that are trapped will not allow an individual crab to leave. They will claw the crab trying to find a way out back into the death fold. This is what this pastor who is condemning other pastors reminds me of. Since he thinks that he is the almighty bishop of his church, he will not allow individual thinking. When Pastors are trying to ward off the wolves around their flocks, he is using his crab claws to bring them back to the death fold….

Don’t be a crabby Christian! Don’t allow yourself to be clawed & to claw those who want to defend their flocks from tyranny!

Sharing a message of hope and peace

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