Enough is Enough! |No More Fake News

“15 Instead, speaking the truth in love, we will in all things grow up into Christ Himself, who is the head.”~  Paul to the Church in Ephesus  Chapter 4 verse 15 Berean Study Bible

IMG_1135Memorial Day 2018.jpg
“They bled the same color. All died for this country!” Oscar Roca

For those that know me personally, you know I’m very passionate about the things I care about. I also do my best to keep all sides at peace as best as I can. I am just a guy trying to keep my family close and protected (from the mess this country is getting into) through the Word of God and by sharing the Gospel.

I rarely write anything like what I have written, but a man has his limits. This weekend was my tipping point. Enough is enough! Americans, for the most part, were thoughtful of this weekend’s significance. Most remembered why Memorial Day is so important and why we need to stop and reflect on the great sacrifice many have paid to make this country what it is.

My family and I did. We took time to thank those who gave the ultimate sacrifice for our country. There was no ethnic distinction. All bled the same color and died for the same country. But our Remembrance was interrupted by….

(Now getting to my tipping point🙂

Hadas Gold blunder.jpegInstead of the media temporarily forgetting about President Trump to celebrate and thank those that have died in wars, showing a little gratitude for the sacrifice, this reporter (picture on left)blundered her way into a big blooper. Then, as an automatic sheep call, some of the media and politicians ran with it. It was shameful, and enough is enough. People are blinded by the hate of their President. So much so, that they will believe in anything that’s printed on social media, as long it’s against this President.

Even the smallest of stories, the media fall over each other trying to leapfrog their posts hastily into social media. When they do that, without verifying facts, it is a formula for disaster; and sure enough, they then retreat the same way, trying to delete their mistakes in all the social media channels they hastily used to get their talking points out.

What gets me is this, instead of saying that they have made a grave error, and that they, as reporters or politicians will continue to research whether the content they posted was in fact, true, these same people who pushed division on the general public will just delete their posts! Instead of making sure the horrible pictures, such as children laying like little animals in a cage will not ever happen again no matter who the political party majority is, they deleted it and tried to bury the post and pretend it never happened!

Enough is enough! When these same people would rather save the ex-President’s reputation than dig deeper and ask him the tough questions that need to be asked, they would instead, hide behind the curtain pretending that their posts never happened and hoping that Americans will again forget about it, because they think that most of us are stupid and can be led by our ethnicity or political leanings. This American of Mexican descent will not, “Baaah” along like a sheep to the slaughter because you want me to!

Enough is enough! When the political hate supersedes the welfare of the people they supposedly care about!

Enough is enough! Of fabricating and leaning on one’s ideologies instead of reporting the truth no matter what the costs of the leadership on both sides of the aisle!

Enough is enough! Where blaming the opposing party becomes more relevant than the actions of their own political party.

Enough is enough! Of the systematic division of our country where you “reporters” do your best to divide along ethnic lines. Yes, ethnic lines not racial lines! You forget there is only one race and we are all in this life together! We are all living in this country and what we do with our God-given gifts is up to us! It’s not up to you or the government to control what we want to do or not.

Enough is enough! I say that from now on, if someone reports fake news, they need to be held to higher accountability. Our country is in shambles, and I think that’s what you “reporters” want. It’s time to dust yourselves off of the-my-side-their-side dung and start reporting the truth! Whether it fits your political party’s agenda or not.

Enough is enough! Stop being a suckling of your political party and start using your God-given skills of writing to make this country better. If you can’t leave your agenda aside, get off the train you’re on and go work for your party. Better to be true to yourself than to pretend to be who you are not, and that’s to write the truth, no matter what side the cards fall!

Enough is enough! I don’t care which party affiliation you are on, we are Americans first, then Republicans, Democrats, Independents etc…

Here are some of the links for you to do your research:



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