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“14 You are the light of the world. A city on a hill cannot be hidden. 15 Neither do people light a lamp and put it under a basket. Instead, they set it on a lampstand, and it gives light to everyone in the house.…” ~ Jesus         

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When I hear of a Christian passing on, I feel for their family and pray for them. I know that one day I will see them again. But when I hear of a non-believer passing on, I feel it in the pit of my stomach, because I know that they will never see what we believers will see! When a Christian closes his or her eyes for the last time in this life, they enter into an incredible and profound spiritual consciousness that only comes from a relationship with Jesus. This is what the Bible says will happen to those who put their trust in the only Savior of the world.

I know that some will read this and say that it is not possible to have only one way to heaven. I will answer this in another post. For now, I genuinely want to keep on the subject that impacted me the most this weekend.

I wrote the following on June 8, 2018, and then decided to write more in-depth into this tragedy.

…One thing I know, Anthony Bourdain was a brilliant writer who rivaled the best of writers… and I will miss his wittiness and deep thoughts in everything he set his mind to write about….

The tragedy of suicide and the effects it has on loved ones left behind. The first thing I thought of was about his family. All those left behind who are going to miss him. The second thing I thought of was the fact that another person committed suicide within a few days of another ‘famous’ person’s. As Christians, we are to be the light of the world to all those in darkness.

I cannot wait for the day when there is no more suicide or death. I can’t wait for that day because too many people are so thick in the darkness of despair, hopelessness, addiction, loneliness and worse off, without anyone to talk to.

Whoever is reading this, know that God loves you unconditionally and for eternity. That whatever is going on in your thoughts, Jesus can guide you through the maze of confusion and despair.

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Also know that you are not alone if you are looking for comfort in:

~ Alcohol and Drugs will not because these are only physical and temporary relief to the cause.

~ A relationship with somebody is only temporary happiness. Since it may satisfy your mind and body but If you are not in total balance, this too will only leave you craving for a more genuine relationship.

~ A great job with lots of money won’t do it either. Just ask all those that have ‘Made it’ in life. They may be successful, but most are lonely at the top. Their insatiable search for meaning is still there.

~ Traveling the world looking for yourself and finding nothing is not the answer either.

~ Getting into shape won’t help either.

~ Going to counseling is very helpful, but that will not help your spirit, who is crying out for something better in this life.

All the above will certainly help you become a better person, but this will not make you feel better spiritually.

Most people will work on getting better physically. Some will strive for better physical and mental health. Again, these are good things. The most important thing for people to improve on is their spiritual health.

I am not talking about trying to be a better person, although this is a good thing. Nor am I saying that you should leave all your worldly possessions behind and give it to the poor. Again, this would be great if you could do it but that would leave you broke and in dire need of help yourself. Plus, that’s not what God wants from people.

~~ Only God and His saving grace can heal what is really hurting. It is not your mental thinking or your body being weak.

It is a deeper issue that no one wants to talk about now in society. It is the issue of the spirit. It is only when you fix the spirit and bring it into balance with God, the Creator of the universe that you will feel satisfied. 

God knows us all intimately and wants us to get to know Him personally. Once we ask Him to come into our lives and do a great work in our spirits, we can finally rest in the only peace that appeases the spirit.

~ If you’re reading this and you do not know the peace that only Jesus can bring into your heart and mind, do not wait, ask Jesus to take all the bad stuff that is in your mind and make it His own.

~ The Bible tells us that we are not beyond redemption. That God loves us that He sent his son Jesus to die a horrible death.

You see, it was my sins and all my wrongdoings that caused a war between my mind my body and my spirit. That war kept me from having a healthy and deep relationship with others. That war kept me from having balance in my life. The battles that were blowing in my mind and heart were too much for me until I realized that there was a God who loves me so much, who decided to humble himself and take on a lesser role by coming down to earth.

Now get this, that The most powerful Being in the universe would pause everything He was doing, become a baby so that someone could feed, clothe, and clean Him, is the most my mind-boggling thing. The Creator of the universe would make Himself a human being, die a horrible death for my sins and revive Himself three days later! Just for me! And just for you!
That’s how much God loves you personally. Get to know Him. Get to know Jesus, who has paid the price for me…and for you. 

Ask yourself this, if Jesus went to the trouble of doing all this for you, don’t you think you owe yourself some time to get to know Him better? What would you lose? Do it now! Get to know Him in a personal way.

Below are links that are of vital importance. Click thru them to finally find your balance in this life and the next.

List of confidential life line numbers to call:

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