The 2 Greatest Commandments |Greatest Commandments

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I want to caution my fellow Christians to always make sure we are:


  1. Loving God- in everything we say and do. Specially with this Immigration ordeal. I’m finding some very good people turning into something that is not really them. I am reading some very cruel things from both sides. We MUST remember that we are representing Christ before any political party. 
  2. We must also make sure that we don’t say things to others that would jeopardize someone else’s reputation without the person even knowing that they have been thrown under the bus.
  3. When all else fails, we will all disagree with one another from time to time but the way we handle our debates in a healthy and glorifying manner will be the way we will win over those that don’t know about the Good News of Christ. Not by stirring the pot more and letting out hatred. Because whatever comes out of our mouth is coming from our hearts.
  4. I have seen some very solid Christians reply to posts with sharp words, this includes myself. We need to take a step back and ask if this is going to edify, glorify or encourage others, leading them to Christ’s peace. If it doesn’t, maybe we need to set it in the back burner for a few days before making the decision to post it. 

I have learned not to reply to any negatives or “corrections” on social media. Unless the reply is directly affecting someone else, then I with all the might of the Word, will reply. This is the only time I will speak up. I don’t care about my reputation, I care about those who are close enough to know my character.

I also care about every one of you to send a personal reply when I see that you have crossed the line. I hope that we can all do this instead of hanging someone else’s dirty laundry out there. Because if we truly love God and our neighbor, we will never on purpose, let our hearts, which are still wicked sometimes, air out what we should not…

May we the Christian community, be a beacon of hope to all who enter our gates. May we treat all those who are in more need than us, how God would want us and would treat them, with love and compassion and not contempt….

All Scripture from:

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