A Tale of Two Men |Salvation in Christ Alone


““9 I am the gate. If anyone enters through Me, he will be saved. He will come in and go out and find pasture.””— Jesus, Savior of the world John chapter 10 verse 9.png

I recently heard of a famous Physicist who passed away recently and of a well-known conservative thinker who was brilliant explaining his thoughts and why free markets and less government was a way to continue for us in order to live better and more freely from the intruding big brother government proliferating our lives more and more, every year.

This thought saddened me because one of these beautiful minds, chose the wrong path. Whatever you may think of either one of the men, I want to take the time to see what happens to even the best of us after we leave this earthly body:

This is a story of two extraordinary men.

  • Both were bound in a wheelchair most of their lives. Their stories were similar. Yet so worlds apart.
  • One was a brilliant scientist. One was a brilliant writer and thinker.
  • One believed in God. The other struggled to see if God existed. He became an atheist later on in life.
  • Both passed this life into the next.
  • Once both of them entered into the afterlife,  they were cured of their agonizing and confined wheelchairs, once and for all time.
  • One went on to be with the Lord freer than ever before, while the other went into loneliness forever tormented away from the greatest peace and love he will always cry out for, but never attain.
  • We are like those men.
  • We are confined by this earthly body. But we have a choice today.
  • To rely on and have faith in God or deny and have faith in our own destiny.
  • The choice is yours. Do you want to go from one confinement into the next?IMG_2400.JPG
  • What afterlife will you choose today?


Reference verses:

John Chapter 10 verse 9

John Chapter 14 verse 6

Hebrews Chapter 9 verse 27

The Bridge to Life

How to Know God

How can I know God?

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