No Policy Formed Against Little Ones Shall Prevail |Immigration

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I find it pretty interesting that Christians are being divided by the immigration concerns that are plaguing our country this week.

My fellow brothers & sisters in Christ, this should never be! We are told to obey the laws of the land and the people running it.

But when it comes to common sense and what is moral, we should always obey God’s Law before Man made laws. This is one instance where we God supersedes any country’s laws.

But I have a few slides for Christians to really chew on.

If you find yourself mad at your government:

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We can’t be the world’s bread basket anymore. We need to take care of our people. I am of Mexican descent.When I was 18, I wanted to play soccer for the biggest university in Mexico.

The admissions counselor told me straight out, that their home-grown kids were priority over me. You didn’t find me crying in a corner nor was I screaming like a lunatic to get my way. I didn’t sit and protest that my rights were violated. And I sure didn’t take a knee because I was feeling victimized.

At 18 years of age, I said ‘forget you‘ to the counselor and walked out of that office. The next day I was coming back here. Was I dejected and angry? Yes, but I resolved to go where I was wanted. I didn’t complain about my treatment by the Mexicans. My sister went through something similar trying to get a job over there. Since she’s a citizen of the US, they told her the same thing, Mexican citizens took priority.

Now for those that I am calling the Christian deflecters. Deflectors try to justify a wrong by another wrong. An example would be like what we are hearing:

  1. US Citizens in prison have to be taken away from their kids.
  2. Veterans kids are also ripped from their parents when the one or both parents serving have to go overseas.
  3. Orphans in this country need the same benefits afforded to the illegal ones.

All very valid points. But the problem is still there. You have just justified one horrendous act for another gut wrenching one. You have also not shown pity for the kids being held in cages, like little animals. This is not what Christ would do nor is it something you would do to your neighbor’s kids. So why is it alright to do to those that are not from this country?

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What part of what God tells us to do are you not getting? This country is the City on a Hill. It is a lamp that cannot be hidden away. God has blessed us too much for us to try to justify any wrong policies we have in place.

What is it to walk with God?

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  1. Those kids crossing by themselves are already in fear. Some of those little ones have seen horrible things. As a human being do you really want to add more to their nightmarish travel?
  2.  We as Christians need to stay filled by the Spirit so that we don’t get tainted by the blackness of this sinful world. 
  3. We are the bread basket to those that need it.Not the Government.
  4. If you fall into the political trap, you are being played by satan. 

God wants us to stay unpolluted so that we can see the world for what is. A dark veil that is blinding people with hatred.

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Just in case you are saying to me that God commanded only the Israelites to follow those commands. Jesus said this in one of his famous parables.

To all Christians, including myself, time to act in unity, and fellowship. When we see a policy that is a lie from the pit of hell, act on it. Don’t defend it and hide behind the,”Well bro, we have to follow all of the laws and submit,” excuse. Do what is right and what glorifies your Savior.

Imagine if Jesus would have said,”Father, I am not drinking from this cup You gave Me. It is too much and your Word says specifically that Your people are stiff-necked and wicked. I think they should all get what they deserve, don’t You?”

.. What a terrible thought that would be, if our Savior rejected us….

We must be the hands and feet. We must be God’s eyes…We must have God’s heart. It is up to us and not Leadership.

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