The Alien the Widow & The Orphan |Immigration

Two things I will be addressing here. Please read to the end before making up your mind about this suddenly hot topic which has been brought to the political forefront and IS NOTpolitical and should never be politicized.

LEVITICUS 19_The Alien, Widow & Orphan.png

Leviticus chapter 19 verses 33-34

Everyone is talking about what’s going on with the immigration problem that we have.
Scriptures tell us from the beginning that God tells the Israelites they are not to take advantage of three groups of people.

God doesn’t make a distinction of ethnicity or color or how wealthy one is in order to take care of the person.

God’s only provision is this:
Do not forget:
1. The Aliens
2. The Orphans
3. The Widows

DEUt 24_The Alien, Widow & Orphan.png

Deuteronomy chapter 24 verses 19-22 

I. What I am saying and what we must do as Christians:

— All of the above groups are to be taken care of.

— It is shameful that political leaders and news media are using this horrible and imperfect law to push their agendas.

— I don’t care much for politicians and news media outlets. They have dug their own graves with the public because they are no longer viable sources who speak the truth.

— I am only speaking to those who profess to be Christians. If you call yourself a Christian, then you must, and I repeat this, m.u.s.t., follow God’s commands over any law that will contradict His statutes.

— Taking care of the alien(foreigner), the widow and the orphan is a statute to all mankind and not just what you think is right or wrong.
— We have a problem in making aliens orphans. And we know what God says to do to those two groups.

— It’s time as Christians, not whether you lean Left or Right, to come together and take care of the unborn, the kids of incarcerated parents, the alien kids and the rest of the orphans. And this should not be a question in our minds.

— Why? Because just like the Israelites, all of us including the native Americans, which I have native blood running through my veins, migrated at some point to this beautiful land we call home.

II. Now what I am not saying:
— I am not assuming for our country to keep allowing people just to get here. If we do this, we will soon be financially ruined.
— I am not saying to allow the continued infiltration of criminals who want to cause harm to our society.
— I do not want people from any other country who want to escape their awful situation and try to change the laws and Constitution of my United States.
— If you come here, don’t expect a permanent handout. But assume that if you work hard, you will reap the rewards afforded to any citizen who wants to work hard and live in peace with others.
— Do expect to help someone in need without wanting and forcing the government to help out.
Because the Bible tells us we are to work hard with our hands, be in peace with others, help the alien, widow and the orphan.
Right now, there are thousands of foster kids, alien kids and unborn kids that need our help.

It is neither a Democratic or Republican problem but a Christian problem.
Go out and do what is right, just and will glorify our Lord and Savior.

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