Serving the Lord Pt. II |Servant/ Serving/ Service to God

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Click here fo Exodus 4:22-24

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Here is the first use of the phrase,”Serve Me,”or where we get the term “Serve the Lord.”
Modern-day Christians use this out of context for the most part. Yes, serving the Lord is also serving in the building where God’s church fellowships, but this is not the original way God meant the term to be used. His first mention is in Exodus chapter 4. He tells Moses to tell Pharaoh to let Israel go so that they could serve Him.

So if we read this correctly, God is saying to the dictator-want-to-be-god-leader of the known world that his unrighteousness reign over God’s people is over. That they have been slaves in Egypt for far too long and that it is time for the Israelites to worship and serve their True God. The Israelites had been slaves to the world for over 430 years, and they were crying out for a Deliverer to free them from their daily struggles of being in bondage.
Just like the Israelites, what are you in servitude in Egypt? What is making you a slave to Egypt’s dictator Ruler?
You see, Egypt in the Bible is symbolic of being out there in the world. What that means, is that you are alone without any help from anyone spiritually. You are then a slave to your own thoughts, actions, and spiritual wellness.

You are left alone to worship in the way you think worshipping is. This could get us in heaps of problems and troubles. And heaps of  problems is where most of the world is.

This is also where the enemy dictator-want-to-be-lord of this world gets people. They are picked off by his slave masters. A lonely person will be an easy target for these masters to enslave you.
God, on the other hand, wants us to become volunteer-bond-servants for Him. He wants us being slaves to and serving Him.
“Well, what’s the difference, Oscar?
There is a huge difference, but it is only seen when someone makes a decision to follow and serve God.
Egypt will bring disaster, sadness, strife, loneliness, death. Satan weighs you down with unreal expectations and problems which are created when someone is enslaved by the lures of this world.
God brings peace and comfort through life’s storms. He brings unity and peace through His Son Jesus. God takes the problems weighing us down and carries them for us. Jesus tells us all to come to Him if we are exhausted and burdened with enormous difficulties. He tells us to take His yoke of service, and we will notice right away how super light it is. Because He is the one who will carry us through the problems we are facing. They will not disappear, but unlike the enemy, Jesus will give us His peace and comfort so we will be able to get through difficulties.
If you are tired or burdened with things that aren’t going away. If you are always telling yourself negative things or stressing out over your life’s situations, it’s time to ask God to help you. You will find that your burdens will somehow be lighter and your thoughts will not be as stressful. Go ahead, ask Jesus to take the load and help you through. I promise you will not be sorry. I don’t guarantee that He will make everything disappear, but I do know that He will make things better inside your heart and mind…

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