Don’t Wear Christian Stuff If Your Tongue Can’t Handle It! |Power of Words- God & Bad

“”1 Be imitators of God, therefore, as beloved children, 2 and walk in love, just as Christ loved us and gave Himself up for us as a fragrant sacrificial offering to God.””

Eph 5:1-2 Berean Study Bible

I was running behind on time all day yesterday. Now I understand why…

I went to get some lunch at a local restaurant. While waiting for my food, I noticed an argument starting. The conversation started between a middle aged woman and an young lady that couldn’t be more than 20 years old, who had just walked in a few seconds before her. They started talking; first in low tones and as the conversation went on, the older woman started raising her voice. Everyone in the restaurant turned towards them, including myself.

Words2018-09-13 at 5.04.20 AM.png

  • The young lady seemed quiet and composed as she was getting a verbal tongue lashing.

She kept stating that the small alley way into the restaurant’s parking lot was a two way direction. The older lady started calling her names and saying that she was wrong. All of a sudden, because the older lady didn’t get her way, she grabbed the young lady’s phone and threw it in the trash!
That’s when I stepped in and yelled out at the lady to leave the young one alone.
She started walking out with her kids who were waiting for her sitting outside.
A few minutes before, I noticed the same young teen boys were both acting aggressively towards one another and wondered why the parents allow for those actions to escalate into hatred towards each other…Then I saw the mom and got my answer.
I told the hostile mom to apologize to the young lady, and she made every excuse why she wouldn’t. I let her know that she was the mature one and the kid was just a teenager and immature. That she was the older and wiser one… I told her that she was setting a bad example for her sons and then I noticed her hat….. This is what really got me!
On her red and pink cap, she had a Christian saying. In the back of her cap was a cross!
I explained that she was shaming Jesus’ name to the non-Christians and that she should be ashamed of herself and in front of her kids and everyone else.
That kind of bullying, I will not tolerate; even worse, coming from a Christian person.
I thought of Romans 2:

“As it is written: “God’s name is blasphemed among the Gentiles because of you.”

She stumbled over her words after what I told her, and she grabbed her kids and walked away.
At that point, I decided to just eat there so I could speak to the young lady who was searching through the trash, looking for her phone. I started praying… praying first for myself, and then for the lady who should have known better. For the young girl not to stumble in the future if she is not a Christian, when somebody shares the gospel with her. Spoke to the employees of the restaurant and the young lady came over to thank me. I apologized on behalf of my faith for that lady. Everything seemed to calm down and get back to normal.

Something amazing happened after I prayed. A few minutes later, the Lord sent others to encourage me…

An old man who was strolling in with a walker and all his belongings came in to order. He was homeless, and his hygiene was non-existent. He ordered, got coffee and started walking outside to sit in one of the tables. As he passed the door’s threshold, he began to struggle.
I thought of getting up to help but would have been in the way since one of the employees came in behind him trying to assist him.
At this point, I see a very humble looking couple that was eating outside come to his rescue. The guy looked like an ex-gangbanger, and the woman’s appearance was very homely.
They both had tattoos and looked rough. Not a single Christian logo. They quickly helped the poor man with his walker and belongs. Both smiling and chatting with the poor old man. After helping him to his seat, they went back to their table and continued their conversation. I smiled because I knew their heart was right. They both looked at peace and in harmony. I would not be surprised if they knew the Lord, I would be surprised that the lady was really walking with the Lord. I am not judging, but the fruit of her spirit was lacking…

Be sure to be a refreshing aroma to all you come across.
Sometimes Christians wearing logos make themselves to be a stench instead of a sweet smelling aroma to others.
Please don’t be that Christian. Imitate Christ and let the world smell your sweet sacrifice…

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