The Offended Society |The Offended Generation Series

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The offended Society

  • We need to get back to praying for our schools, our colleges, our government representatives, our families and this country.
  • Too many are blaming Christians for everything that is wrong with society. Yet the less people personally know God, the more chaos there is.
  • To the point where they will try to shut up those who will think differently than the whole mass of people.
  • Now more than ever, we need independent people who will speak truths.
  • Not whispering  sweet nothings to appease society.
  • Prophets are needed again LORD!
  • This is what I pray…


I walked outside and thanked God aloud

“Lord thank you for the beautiful day you’ve given me. The sun is out the sky is blue, and the birds are singing.”

A passerby who walked on by stopped and said, ” Sir I’m offended. Offended by your prayer. Please keep that to yourself!”

As I drove off, I pondered,

“How peculiar is the state of our society…”

It was Sunday when I went to worship. I was early and sat in prayer. “Lord may those that don’t know you come to find your saving grace,” I said.

My eyes were closed when I heard:

“Sir, I’m offended. Offended by your prayer. Please keep that to yourself! We need to be inclusive to all, even if they don’t believe.”

Service was done I said my goodbyes, but as I drove off I pondered,

“How peculiar is the state of our society…”

I went to eat, my family all merry. We sat, and we talked about God and country. About boys being boys and girls being girls.

“Excuse me!” someone said,” How dare you put your children in a box! How dare you and your wife make them feel as if they have no say!” Stop telling your kids who they are to be when they play! Let them choose to identify themselves it’s their say! Why don’t you keep your antiquated thoughts to yourselves!”

As I sat with my family, I finally yelled out, “Whatever I think, whatever I choose, whatever I make, whatever I lose. Whatever is best for my family and me, it is up to me and the will of the Good Lord because I am free! Free to choose and free to praise, free to say and free to pray! All on my own. I don’t need a fascist society to be so offended at whatever’s intended! Free to be me, it’s my God-given right. No one can take, that would be a huge mistake! I don’t answer to you or society! I answer to God for the sake of my country.”

The hush in the restaurant was deafening! All eyes on me were reddening. I had passed the offensive marker no one dared dream of. How dare I say such nonsense! How dare I speak out. Didn’t I know that I should think like the whole?

Couldn’t I see, that the words I had spoken pierced and offended their ears?

“Arrest him, arrest him! Call the police! How dare he speak to us all, the way he just did! We won’t tolerate that He won’t get away free! We’ll shut him up, just wait and see!”

I kept talking, they started screaming. Like demons possessed. Their faces contorted, their screams in excess!

“If you don’t agree sir, we’ll stop you like this! So get off our safe spaces!” With offended screams, for this is what the collective deems, “No one dare change, no one dare go out on a limb!”

“Father forgive them, they know not what they do.”

“Arrest him, arrest him or his offense is due! No one speak to us like he did! Arrest him or he’ll be beat!

“Father forgive them, they know not what they say!” I cry out, “ I have every right against tyranny to fight!”

“Arrest this fascist! Arrest him right now! Or we will deal with his kind, that we surely vow!””

We left in haste, their screams left a bad taste.

When I got home, I sat there and pondered.

“Have we come to this Lord? Have we come to this? I’ve heard this before, in the book 1984.

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