Blessed are the broken — They will be Transformed & Renewed! |Blessed Are The…. Series

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There are storms in life that grind us down to the point of wearing us down to find dust and floating away with the hurricane’s forces.

Sometimes as Christians, some of us are ready to throw in the towel. You’ve heard it said, “Blessed are the flexible, for they shall not be broken…” I love this saying . It is an excellent saying. But it’s not entirely accurate; God wants the broken vessels. God wants broken people.

How do I know? Because He had to break me for me to submit to His will fully. Don’t get me wrong; I have never doubted that God exists. Faith is not only knowing who God is and trusting Jesus on a personal and intimate level but also listening to Him and having Him rule your life.

It is in the act of submission, not like other faiths, but in the complete submission that brings a renewed faith, spirit and change in your life which transcend all your human understanding.  One that lifts, penetrates and oozes out of your every being.

Faith that doesn’t fear what men will do to you. A faith which emboldens encourages and enthralls your whole spirit, mind, and body.

This kind of faith is what God wants from us. This kind of faith moves mountains, breaks empires, restores marriages, gives life to others, sees good in the storms of life, and when you break in its power, brings you closer to the Creator of the universe.

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By Oscar Roca

You see, when you think that you can’t handle life’s storms, when you feel you have been broken to the point of being powder starting to float into the atmospheric heavens, God snatches you and makes you whole again. It is the action of calling out to Him with all your spiritual might that He then can perform miracles for His glory. The state of being in His clutches. Not those of a tyrannical God whose claws are piercing through your body like a predator trying to keep its prey from escaping; but as a mother’s touch to her babies, making sure that she is covering them with her body and wings, to keep the storm from hurting them.

Right now, one of my daughters has felt this storm come like the apocalypse. I will not give details, but I know that she is now looking up to God and asking Him to see her through this of many challenges in her young life.

If you are going through something that has steamrolled you and you are not able to get up, call on The One who can lift you up and miraculously bring you into His strong tower. Whatever you are going through, know that people have gone through something similar, and they are battling a storm too. Some people try to survive on their own. Others call out to the One that can calm the storm and bring you peace through it. Sometimes, if not all, God will not take the storm away, but like Jesus’ disciples when they cried out to Him found out, God is always there for you.

Even if you think He’s sleeping while you’re drowning, He is there, and He is aware. Jesus will calm the storm and see you through it if you let Him…

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