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By Oscar Roca


My take on this story, I don;t know who original person was who told it:

A man was stuck on top of his rooftop after the area had been flooded. He pleaded with God to save him. A few minutes later one of his neighbors came to help him on a small canoe, “Hey neighbor come down so we can get out of here!”
The man on the rooftop said, “No, you go ahead, God will save me!”
The neighbor pleaded to no avail and finally said goodbye. Another neighbor came to help, but he told the neighbors the same thing.
The man on the rooftop heard what sounded like a helicopter. All of a sudden he heard the Helicopter pilot telling him to take a leap of faith and grab on to the harness.
“No thanks, God’s got this. I’ll wait for him,” the man on the rooftop said.
A few hours later, storms came back, and the water levels reached above the rooftops, sweeping the man away.
Now this man was facing his Creator.
“Lord, I waited for You, why didn’t You come to rescue me?”
God stood up and replayed his whole life in a flash, but towards his last moments on earth, he slowed them down enough where the man was praying and pleading for God to do something… Then God pointed to the neighbors and the Helicopter, ” I did, but you sat in your rooftop doing nothing. I sent you helpers, and yet you did nothing. All you had to do was take the leap of faith and move…”

I am glad I don’t have any grade school children here in California anymore. Because if I did, I would take them right out of the public school system and then get a lawsuit going against the sophomoric, ill-intended representatives who have passed this fantastically bizarre new indoctrination.

When my kids were getting ready for grade school, my wife and I made a decision to home-school them for a bit. It was the best period of their learning. At the age they were in, they had absorbed everything being taught to them. To the point that both were above their grade level when tested at the local public school, they would be attending in the future.

I must say, I have told them that I wish we have homeschooled them more but I have no regrets. The public school system we had them in, was a solid one.

Fast forward to now and I can’t say the same thing about the California school system. The agendas being pushed towards kids who can’t even tie their own shoes right, is simply quite frightening and staggering.

Schools are indoctrinating babies, yes, because they are babies, and it is utterly ludicrous, asinine, irresponsible and criminal.

When I was that age, I wasn’t thinking of whether I was a boy or girl. It never came into my mind or thought process. All I wanted to do was play and eat, and play again. Even school was about the two things I thought of, not whether I felt feminine or if I identified as something other than a boy.

  • It is time young parents, it is time grandparents, it is time Christians, wake up and be heard.
  • First by protesting this unjust and unGodly new “Health Education Framework” being passed in California.
  • Secondly by letting these so-called educators know that they can’t put any new curriculum, sex education or any other thing that goes against your faith and moral values!
  • It is time to stop a small minority of people from dictating what should be taught in schools.

  • It’s time to take our rights to have teachers teaching without agendas; from those who would harm our children and grandchildren, and the best way to do this is to protest their foolish teachings and by lawsuits.
  • School districts or rogue teachers will no longer be able to teach from their secret agendas.
  • They will concentrate on teaching Reading, Writing & Arithmetic without adding their personal agendas and indoctrinating our children and grandchildren anymore.
  • This Independent-of-political-party-male-father-grandfather is fed up seeing what the Left has done. Especially to young impressionable children.

  • It’s time to bring this state back to the center and not allow any more secret agendas to infiltrate our children and grandchildren’s minds.
  • The job of educators is to teach school studies and school studies alone.
  • The job of parents is to teach them eveything plus morality and faith.
  • It is not for school districts and rogue teachers to teach their personal political, sexual or religious views. 

  • To those that say, “I’ll let God take care of this, I say to you, remember the story of the man who drowned in his own rooftop…



Focus On the Family


Health Education Framework




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